The Tools You Need To Step Out of Fear and Into Your Embodied Connected Self 

There's a wake up call at present to step out of fear and really recognise and embrace your power as your true self. A magnificent human being here with a deep journey and contribution to make. Come and and enhance the innate wisdom that's been inside you all along. Opening potentials ready to ignite. Freeing you to create an incredible journey from here.

This incredibly potent time is yours for the taking. The opportunity is yours for the taking...a change to discover a level of you that's been waiting for you to recognise. 

Embrace the wisdom guiding you to step out of fear, into deep trusting and knowing who you are, loved, supported and with the tools to also support others do this.

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I help people transform limiting beliefs, open to their hearts' power, and embrace the magnificence of who they truly are.  

Then I get to witness them discover and share their gifts to transform their world.

Through thousands of sessions, hundreds of workshops, conference presentations, and small group masterminds, I've helped people explore their potentials, possibilities, and transform beyond their limitations. 

Welcome - whether you're starting your journey feeling there's more to you and your life than you realized; or that you'd like to break through previously unseen barriers; or you've been exploring and supporting others on their journey - explore the free resources, workshops, masterminds, or membership to see if they fit right to enhance your journey.

Serenity Studio

It's time to remember who you came to be, what you came to create and transform, and your true magnificence.

Here you'll find ideas, workshops, and community to support you (and those you work with) on your journey. 


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I experienced profound healing sessions with Joss. After one session during pregnancy, a fibroid and related issues left my body; and respiratory weakness from childhood asthma and recurrent respiratory infections cleared. Fear and powerlessness coming up to the birth of my second child lifted immediately and I was filled with immense joy and gratitude for the last days of my pregnancy and my daughter's birth. I've been involved in natural health as a naturopath and Ayurvedic practitioner for many years, I'm deeply grateful to find a method of healing that can result in such profound transformation and healing through shiting deeper drivers of disease - those feelings, beliefs, genetic and inherited patterns that are no longer serving us. Thank you Joss

K Phillips

This course is life-changing and I would recommend it to anyone! The insight I have gained into myself has been phenomenal and the compassion and understanding I now have for others have increased exponentially. I have worked with a lot of teachers in the health and wellbeing field and I can say without hesitation that Joss is one of the finest teachers I have had the privilege of studying with. Her teaching is clear, insightful, professional, and full of compassion.

S Hope


Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Joss.  I've spent the last 30 or so years exploring how to transform limiting beliefs and events life might throw your way, to create the life you came to live.  Initially as a registered clinical psychologist, then meditation-mind-body-spirt coach. Recently I've been exploring the power of your heart to support your nervous systems, open your mind and guide you into the magnificence of who you truely are. 

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