7 ways to boot fear out the window this lockdown.

Aug 26, 2021

It's lockdown Deja Vous in New Zealand.

As I was hanging out at the best joint in town (Zoom coffee with friends) I noticed a theme.   Finding it hard to ground out of fear, and old stories coming up to challenge us. 

So I pondered on this (well, meditated).  Given the huge collective fear sweeping around the planet, I figured if we're finding it a challenge at times, perhaps you are too. 

If you've been watching the news this lockdown, chances are you've activated your autonomic nervous system (fight or flight reaction). 

Signs you might've done this include:

  • wondering how many new cases of covid there are
  • if there are any cases near you
  • noticing symptoms that could be covid (there a name for this I learned years ago at university "medical student syndrome")*
  • worrying about the future
  • waking in the night worrying
  • feeling snappy at people around you
  • shallow breathing
  • less patience than normal
  • finding it harder to ground yourself

Almost everyone I've been talking to has done this to some extent.

Even I found myself feeling unsettled and watching the clock for the next Covid update. Until I realized what I was doing.   And how much it was affecting my mood.

So here are 7 things you can do to relax your nervous system.

  1. Switch off the news.   Honestly.   If it bleeds it leads.   News is designed to turn on your fear response so you watch more. 
  2. Listen or watch something inspiring.   My playlist includes Joe Dispenza, Ester Hicks, Alan Watts, and some super inspirational music. 
  3. Move your body! Whatever way takes your fancy - dance, yoga, walk. Heck if you love cleaning, groove to music as you clean.
  4. Get outside and look. Take time to really notice.   Preferably nature.   There are signs of spring everywhere.   Look for swelling buds, birds singing and dancing in trees. Cats sunbathing.   If it's raining notice the drops play and race each other as they tumble from the sky.
  5. Go inside.   Yourself I mean.   As you see a swelling bud imagine what's happening to create that.   The nudges of light, hope, creation, wakening, nourishment.   Then feel that insight you.   Breathe it in, feel it spread through your body.   Spring is for you too, not just the trees.
  6. If you catch yourself starting to worry, say "NO! Not going there".   And actively look for something positive to replace it with. 
  7. Breathe.   Fight or flight gets you shallow breathing.   Adrenaline sweeps through your system along with a whole host of other reactions.   A super-quick way to stop this?   Change your breathing.   There are many awesome techniques to do this.   Add some of them to your playlist - maybe watch them instead of the news. 

Perhaps you worked super hard last lockdown (as I did).   I came out of it exhausted.   This time round I'm way kinder to myself.   It's way easier. 

So a bonus #8. Be gentle with yourself.  You're going through heaps.  Take it easy.   Put less pressure on yourself.   You'll come out of it in better shape.

Much love to you, 


PS Please share with me the best ways you have found to switch off and relax when you find yourself triggered.

* obviously if you have genuine symptoms get them checked out

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