How to feel powerful and worthy when your world shifts around you.

Mar 30, 2020

In a very short time our global way of living has changed.  It's as if a whirlpool just stopped and the water is working out where to go.   Lives, routines and ways of interacting have changed.  

How do you navigate through this?   How do you find space and a way through when that voice of uncertainty  wakes you in the wee hours?    When the tiredness and stress plays out with snappiness at children, partners, friends or self?    When your self sabotage kicks in and it's harder to care for yourself? 

The underlying feelings can sit hidden in your body, affecting your health without you necessarily knowing.   This virus is giving you a huge invitation to recognise and release old patterns.   Individually and collectively. 

In the general busyness of life (before Covid-19)  you possibly spent only part of your day with family and / or self.  Busy rushing from place to place, meeting to meeting, doing chores then falling into bed.  Yes, you had holidays with more time.  But those tend to be planned, maybe with others and often if you are being honest kept you from the inner you  (unless your holiday is was a retreat).

But this is different. You haven't planned or budgeted for it.  Currently you are being asked to be still, with yourself and your family. Perhaps this might be the first time ever. 

It might be fun, relaxing and a great time to really get to know each other.  But quite likely its filled with challenges of how to work from home, negotiate spaces, bandwidth, chores, communicate and maybe uncertainty over finances!  If you're an active relaxer being confined may be even more challenging.  You may be grieving changed plans, or have traumatic family events you can't be there for. 

How do you find your sense of worth when society has said your worth comes from what you do for a career, for others, how you live your life, how you look?

My younger son asked how often I had been in a global lockdown before.  When I said never and that he's part of global history, he decided it was pretty cool.  We joked about what he can tell his grandchildren about this time in years to come.

And then it really hit home.  How you (and I) respond now will ripple to then.  I want him to be able to share how awesome it was.  How we as a family and society pivoted, responded with deep love, presence and compassion.  To self and others.  Listened to mother earth, or true wisdom and our inner selves.  Gifting amazing shoulders for our grandchildren to stand on. 

This time and opportunity will pass as all things do. How you respond now will have ripple effects down the track.  I invite you to let these be phenomenal. 

I have had many requests to help people during this transition and change and I'm choosing to see this as an opportunity to step up.   To heed the call this virus is gifting.

I'm offering a series of free workshops to support you journey deep into self:  

  • Into ways to be compassionate to yourself when you wake in fear, when you're snapping at others.  
  • How to identify what is being triggered at those moments and empowering tools for you to transform these.
  • Easy, quick ways to feel back into yourself when you've emotionally left the scene.
  • Short meditations to ground yourself.
  • How to connect with Unconditional Love to a greater aspect of yourself and garner the wisdom from this.
  • And quite frankly, because you're  worth it. 

 I invite you to take this opportunity, with courage, compassion and love of self.  It's free.  All you need to do is sign up and the link to the workshop will be emailed to you.  If you know someone who you think may benefit from it please forward this invitation to them.

Much Love to you, 


PS Here is the link to sign up to the free workshop


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