A decade of workshops, practices and a new beginning opening

Feb 01, 2020

It's an interesting experience to look back over a decade.

As I'm gearing up to start Practice Sessions for 2020 I decided to see how many workshops I've taught.   63.  

Thats sixty three opportunities for people to grow,  to impact amazingly on our community.   To stretch.  To evolve.  To touch our world with Love.

It's also sixty three times I've stepped up,  held space for others.   And evolved with how to lead transformational change.

70 Practice Sessions.  Times for people who have been on these workshops to come together,  expand,  gain confidence,  enhance,  grow,  revise.   Seventy sessions exploring topics that arise,  topical issues from a different perspective;   opportunities to transform our world with love with techniques that can be used individually,  with family,  clients,  our community.

Numerous sessions with extraordinary people.   I haven't even counted these.  Many is the short answer.  It's in the thousands.

So how is this shaping up for 2020 and beyond.  It's a work in progress and I  like that.   I like that we evolve and grow.   I know there's a divine plan, that my soul had great intentions when I decided to step onto this planet.  I know to trust that the guidance around me will show me the way to have fun with it all.

To misquote one of my teachers ... you can be a practitioner of one year for 20 years, or you can be a practitioner of 20 years.   The choice is yours.   What she meant is someone who has trained but stagnates, stops growing is effectively doing the same thing year in year out. Repeating the same pattern for 20 years.  But someone who continues to grow,  train,  learn,  experiment is gaining all the time.   Each year builds on the growth, success and learning of the year before.  

I've signed up this year for a pretty intensive year of learning.  I anticipate it will be 15 - 20 hours per week, but at times may be more.  I'm so looking forward to how I will grow and evolve with it.  And I'm super excited to see how this evolves not just me,  but our community and the Practice Sessions.  For you.  

Over the past 10 years every course I've been on has opened the way for our community to expand and grow.   I've come back from the course,  shared and loved seeing the way we've all changed and grown in this time.

I'm super excited to see how this next year of super intensive growth moves us all.  It's just how the universe works.  I'm equally excited to grow through what you evolve and learn with over the next decade.  Thanks in advance for the part you are playing in us all evolving.

So here's to Practice Sessions for 2020.  If you have attended a workshop with me and would like to participate, contact me for the link.

Much Love to you




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