Ask and you can receive in the most amazing ways

Jan 23, 2020

Summer holidays conjure up warm lazy days, outdoor adventure, family time, bbq's with friends, water, mountains and all in between.

I'm making the most of the summer holidays here.  Younger son heads off on an exchange this week and older son starts university shortly.  Life continues to show the consistency of change. 

Quite frankly I like it that way.  It's over to you how you approach it and what meaning you take from it.

I remember many years ago when my children were babies I decided to visit my parents - about a 10 hour drive and 3 hour boat ride away.  The day before I was due to go I had one of my premonition dreams - in this dream I was about 1 hour from my parents, was driving around a bend in the road and a yellow car came round the corner on the wrong side of the road creating a head on crash.

I was definitely going to visit my parents.  So I took the dream as a little sign to ask what I needed to do differently to get a different outcome.  I asked for support to be around to change that reality.  

Then quite literally it slipped my mind.  Driving two days on your own with a toddler and breast feeding baby can do that to you.

When we were about an hour from my parents house a blue car turned onto the road in front of me.  I had to break and slow down but no biggie.  I was too tired to consider passing and decided to travel slower.  If it took another 10 minutes to get there so be it.  About one minute later the premonition dream came back - we were at that spot.  And the yellow car came around that corner on my side of the road.  OMG. 

I was so grateful to the blue car!   At the next intersection it indicated to turn left, started to turn onto the road and disappeared.  

So lesson learnt.  When you ask for support trust that it will turn up.  Maybe not as you expect, but allow and appreciate.

I'm asking for support this trip as I'm doing my first cycle touring in about 19 years!   It's going to be fun.

PS I'm on my 31 days of blogging stretch.  Tomorrow I'll be out of range.  I'll still write my blog but you'll see it as two posts the following day.  

Much Love to you and happy trusting in support


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