Bring a holiday feeling to your session work

Holiday time. Depending on your ideal holiday you may be imagining tropical beaches, adventure, relaxation, friends and family, sleep. Ok, there are many more ways of having a holiday, but you get the idea. One of the great things about holiday is the change of pace, connecting into your own rhythm and joy. 

 Recently I asked people who come to the monthly practice session I offer, what is different about being on holiday than being at work. Now, duh you might say, that's a no brainer. Well, yes, but...

You see, I ask with the intent of bringing the best of holiday and work to your sessions. I believe bringing things like joy, relaxation, freedom, curiosity, structure and responsibility to your session work, helps you witness amazing results,. 

 So how do you feel when you're on holiday (some ideas from the Practice session include: adventure, relaxing, connection, fun, play, no clock watching, freedom, joy, spontaneity, family and friends among other things).

If this is what it feels like to be on holiday, what does work feel like? For the Practice session it includes: watching the clock, structure, routine, hourly rate pay, responsibility, restrictive, hard work, purpose and fun among other things.

 Now there are awesome attributes associated with both work and holiday. What if you could bring the awesomeness sauce (in my world that’s  a real word) of both work and holiday into your meditative practice?

Bringing the relaxed, curious, adventure feelings into your ThetaHealing practice can help take any pressure away that you “have to get it right” and open you up to infinite possibilities. It frees you to Witness amazing things, bring play into your sessions.

 Equally, being aware of your responsibility to Witness, have structure, manage yourself and be accountable are also important.

 So I invite you to imagine the beautiful feeling of holidays and bring that awareness into your next ThetaHealing session. Have fun, invite the amazing to happen and witness the results.

 Much Love and Light to you and have a wonderful day.


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