Compressed Energy

Jan 30, 2020

Last night was bookclub night.  I love these nights.  Wonderful friends, deep conversation with the occasional talk about books thrown in.  Which is pretty handy given that one of the women is an author.

It was our first meeting for the year (and new decade), we reflected on how we had grown over the last 10 years.  It was pretty exciting for us all to see.  Given that "the author" was one of the first people to encourage me to write, I got to see first hand how much of the past decade I had spent resisting.  It was quite a revelation to realise how much.

The bundles of energy compressed in my neutrons and pathways felt enormous.   The years of old programming and beliefs that I had held onto to:   keep small, keep my ideas to myself, to hold onto the belief I couldn't write.  

It's interesting to see the effect as I decided to step up this year.  To stretch beyond and release these bundles of compressed energy.  I'm spending time rewiring old patterns and can feel a weariness with that, but overall feel so much freer, more energised and super excited about the decade ahead.

It got me wondering where you might be storing latent energy that you could free up.  Perhaps you might surprise yourself with what opens up if you gave yourself permission and stepped into the courage to shift it.

Much Love to you


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