Fill your love bucket

Jan 28, 2020

In my part of our planet (earth paradise) it's coming to the end of the summer school holidays.   One of the decisions I made years ago, was to have the school holidays off work.   I wanted adventures, memories and time with my boys.  So I've been enjoying an extended holiday.

As they're gearing up to go on their next life adventures (university and school exchange), I'm so glad I made that decision.   It's enabled lots of those delicious holiday days playing games, doing outdoor adventures and other spontaneous things.

A few weeks ago, one of my mentors suggested doing a 21 day Love Fest.   Self Love that is.  Doing something every day that filled my Love Bucket. 

The intention being to reset my oxytocin levels to a place where Love becomes an easy way of life. 

For a brief moment I surprised myself with a fleeting thought: What can I do that I love?   That was a very brief thought but I noticed it.

I'm delighted to say that after a couple of weeks I'm noticing a difference!  

Now usually I'm a reasonably happy person (one of my friends described this as one of my amazing attributes that they can rely on).   But my life has taken a bit of a battering the past few years, so a reset was a great idea.

And it's fabulous.   After the first week (so only after 7 days of Love Festing) I found myself waking filled with the most delicious joy.  Like really!!!  Even breathing is more joyful.

This weekend that's been ticked off a huge Love Fest for me.   Being the last weekend of the school holidays a great weekend was on the cards. 

A biking weekend.  Before children I did lots of cycle touring and absolutely loved it.  Not the head winds mind you.  I love the freedom, the feeling of accomplishment,  the smells,  being way more connected to nature than I am when I drive the same route in a car.

So panniers packed, puncture repair kit on board (to understand the significance of this read about it here) I headed off.   A beautiful 4 hour ride to a beach for a fabulous weekend with other families.   And my Love Fest was overflowing.  

I'm no longer waiting for another excuse.   It's becoming a regular event.   If you see me biking along somewhere, feel free to toot,  or better still stop for a cuppa and chat. 

If you want to reset your oxytocin levels and bring more love into your life,  I suggest a 21 day love fest.  I'm onto day 15 and feel so much better, I can highly recommend it!!

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