Ground yourself with Love

“Remember to rinse off and ground after every session”.   I’m sure you have heard this, but how often do you actually do this?  And more to the point,  do you really understand what this is or why it’s recommended?

Simply put, grounding is a way of ensuring you clear out of someone else’s reality and back into yours.  However there is a lot more to it than this.

Have you ever found yourself reflecting on a session (or meeting) going over the details again and again?  Or started getting churned up about something that actually doesn’t involve you?

The chances are that while you physically left the room,  you never quite left the meeting, or,  you energetically popped over to someone else’s reality bubble.  As a parent,  colleague,  friend,  partner,  therapist (add your descriptor of choice) you have times where you really feel for someone.  Sometimes this can be feelings of annoyance or anger.  But just for now,  let’s say you really want them to do well and can see them struggling.  You can feel their worry,  feel indignant for them at any perceived wrong doings,  find yourself going over different scenarios to help them out.  Get the picture here?

Well,  in energy speak,  you have taken a part of yourself and put it in their bubble of reality.  To put this into picture speak,  imagine that everyone has a bubble of reality around them and that you have many arms (like an octopus).  As you worry or feel for someone you reach out and put one of your arms into their bubble of reality.  Essentially you are doing this because you want to help them.  After all,  you're a wonderful person and you want them to succeed.


Now imagine every time you meet with or think about someone,  you put an “arm” into their bubble.  By the end of the day you have stretched yourself all over the show.

So what does this have to do with grounding?

Great question.  If you have got to the end of the day with your “arms” in many bubbles,  they are all “speaking” to you.  So how do you know what are actually your thoughts, or your highest and best reality?   Sometimes its hard to know when you are so stretched.

Grounding really comes into its own here.  As you “ground” imagine that each of your “arm’s” are being released out of the bubbles.  As they are released they leave only unconditional love.  Once you have all of your “arms” back, surround yourself with unconditional love (or from a ThetaHealing perspective, take yourself to 7th Plane and bring this energy through your body).  Imagine bringing this unconditional love down through Mother Earth, then back up through your body up to the top of your head (crown) then back to your heart space.

As you get familiar with this technique you realise it only takes a few seconds and its worth doing many times during the day.

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