How to grab your courage and start something new

May 24, 2020

My mum's a pretty out there, adventurous 82 year old.  In the last 5 years she's taken herself on trips around the world, had cancer and recovered, moved home, met a new partner, remarried . She's pretty awesome.

But computers were one aspect that almost had her beat.   Lockdown Zoom calls were just not working.  Frustration, self talk along the what am I doing wrong, was going round in circles until I realised her computer was too old.

Enter a new device (my old iPad)  and a whole new way of doing things. Including having to set it up remotely.  With a step by step guide I created handed over the fence along with the ipad (social distancing meant I couldn't be there to help), I was super proud of mum for stepping up, grabbing her courage and running with it.  And delighted with a lovely long chat and shared cuppa via Zoom once it was up and running.

So why am I sharing this?

Because quite possibly you have something that feels hard for you yet seems quite easy for others.  So I invite you to bring in your courage and curiosity to move beyond it.  These simple strategies might help:

  1. Let go of comparison and shame.  Your value as a human being is completely independent of whether or not you can do this "thing".
  2. Notice in your body where you are "holding" this.  Where can you feel this sitting? Where have you got tension or can "feel it"? Are you contracted or shut down somewhere.
  3. Sometimes it helps to stop doing the task, walk away, breathe. come back to it later. 
  4. Imagine a bubble coming from your heart and surrounding the issue.  Then invite loving support to fill the bubble and trust a solution will appear.
  5. Step back into being an active co-creator.  From this space you recognise that the most amazing divine support is available to assist you.

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