Avoiding life regrets

Jan 28, 2020

Working in a hospital setting for many years gave me an opportunity to learn from people nearing the end of their time on earth.

I heard lots of regrets:

I wish I spent less time at work; more time with my family

I wish I worried less about money and more about creating memories

I wish I'd had the courage to follow my dreams;  take that overseas trip

If I had my time again I would have married my love;  bought that property; breathe more and relax

I wish I'd listened to my heart and been less scared of what others would think of me

And I heard lots of things people were grateful for:

I'm so glad I had time with my children when they were young;  that I put them first rather than my career

I had those overseas trips while I could

That I have those memories with my children

That I listened to what I wanted rather than what my family wanted for me

That I followed my passion to learn

I was really grateful to the people I worked with who shared these realisations. I decided early on that I wanted to learn from them.    To create memories I could look back on with gratitude rather than regret when I got to "that stage of life".

I'd seen the impact regret had on some people and I really intended to create a different life journey for myself.

In the next month my two boys are heading off on different life journeys.  One to start university and the other on a school exchange. 

When they were little I used to dread the idea of them going away.  My heart was bursting with love for them and the idea of "losing" them felt immense.  I have learnt a bit since then (thank goodness).  I now see how exciting it is for the opportunities they have available.  I'm keen to see what they make of their life and to be part of their journeys.  I'm really looking forward to this next stage of my life too.

And, with a deep bow of gratitude to the clients I worked with in the hospital system all those years ago, I am filled with gratitude for the memories I created, the time I've had with them, and to know I did the best I could.  With hindsight there is plenty I'd do differently.  But at the time I did the best I could.  And that is a peaceful place to be.

What little things could you do today that can have a positive impact on how you look back on your life in years to come?



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