The only dumb question is the one you didn't ask

Jan 31, 2020

Today I had a tech problem.  I was sure it was pretty basic, but I had no idea how to resolve it.  Actually I'd had the same problem before, back then I ignored it, hoped it would go away. It didn't.  

Today I made the same mistake and got the same result.  Glitch.  The edit button had disappeared on something I was writing.  And trust me, being able to (spell check, rewrite, add a few words here and there) is really handy.  

Today I decided to do something different.   I asked for help.    I got it within 30 seconds.  All I needed to do was convert to full screen and the edit button was there.  Really simple in retrospect.    I also discovered a few shortcuts that will make things easier in the future.   And I got to chat to the lovely service man who helped.  

 I realised that by avoiding asking for help last time it had cost me  - time, effort, ease, connection.  It made things harder than it needed to be. 

And I wondered where are you creating a similar pattern?  Where are you avoiding asking for help; thinking you have to sort it all out yourself; putting up with substandard equipment? What self talk is keeping you back from finding shortcuts to make life easier for you?

Today all it took was 5 minutes and one question from me and it was resolved. As a bonus  I learned things to enhance work in the future.

I wondered if it was just a New Zealand thing to avoid asking for help or sort everything out yourself.  There's even an ad on TV here: DIY - it's in our DNA.  Sometimes it can be great fun, a huge sense of adventure.  Sometimes it's "why pay someone to do it when you can do it yourself" mentality.

Years ago when we moved into our home, I took it on myself to save money  and make curtains for my children's rooms.  You know - show the mother love bit by slogging hard.  I got real fancy with black out lining, even ventured to do roman blinds.   As  I missed the sewing gene in my family,  it was definitely a labour of love.    To keep it safe sewing I extend the "measure twice cut once philosophy".  I add double check front to front, pin, check then sew.  Lord knows how but I still got things mixed up.  Almost every second seam needed to be unpicked.  

So you can imagine my delight when the finished product showed pinholes of light from every unpicking.  You could see every wonky seam.  It was a comedy of errors that I looked at every day for about 6 years.  

Then one day I got it:  I don't have to do everything;  I can honour the people in my community with awesome sewing skills (believe it or not some people enjoy it as well as being good at it),  I can do the work I love to pay for it,  and I get to look at beautiful creations every night.  Now that's a win win.

Today was a similar win:  Ask for help.   Appreciate other peoples skills and knowledge. 

So where in your life can you change patterns and ask for help; give yourself permission to let other people shine and do the things you don't like doing?  Take pressure off yourself by thinking you have to do it on your own.  

Take it from me, 6 years is a long time to be living with the reality of those old botched up belief systems.  You can be having a lot more fun if you do what you enjoy and let others do what they do well.  And while your at it, remember the only dumb question is the one you never ask. You might be amazed what you learn.


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