The uplifting power of community

Feb 04, 2020

"The day you stop learning is the day you die" was a really common phrase in my house as I was growing up.  

I love the subtext of it.  

  • The recognition that we are all learners in life.  
  • There's no point in looking for perfection 'cause there's always more to discover and ways to evolve.  
  • Look for and surround yourself with people who can help you grow.  
  • Be gentle with yourself on your journey.  
  • It's ok to take baby steps.  
  • Keep a learners mindset.
  • Share what you have learned to support others on their journey.

There have been times when I've forgotten the inherent wisdom in this.  I've held myself back looking for perfection.  I've forgotten to allow myself time for baby steps.  But generally I've embraced the opportunity to learn.  

I love having a supportive community to support growth.  While I have taken lots of online courses now, the ones I find myself getting more from and more likely to complete and utilise, are the ones where I engage in community with.

With that in mind I started monthly coaching, mastermind, practice sessions for people who have trained with me.  The intention being a safe place to explore, grow and share.  They also help me tremendously to shape and grow how Iand what  teach.  Having relocated from my little sanctuary school, I was looking for a new place to meet.  It seemed timely to do this online.  

Partly due to the amount of travel and time it was taking people to come.  Partly environmental reasons (less fuel, cars on the road etc) and partly because the technology exists to do this in a way that still connects people and our community is supported.  

Whilst I have been the participant of many of this, it was the first time I led an interactive online session. It was fun, I've already had great feedback from people on the call. And, it was great to explore with a beginners mindset.  To remember we all have more to learn.    

As I was watching these wonderful women support each other (and me with my newness to the technology with this), I was really grateful for community.  How when we work together we all rise. 

It also highlighted for me that the quality and intent of that community relationship is powerful.  I experienced this when my marriage ended where I was grateful for so much support and really felt the Love being extended to me.   Curiously I  noticed an impact on how the support was offered.  Some people supported by ways I would loosely define as one-up-ness.  ("oh I always knew he was....").  Usually I left these encounters feeling worse for wear, lower vibration and needing more time and energy to get back to good space.  Other people supported by ways I would loosely call "uplifting". ("how can I support you",  "what are you needing" or sharing a positive spin with humour).  After these encounters I felt more nourished, expansive and grateful.

I got to the point that when people asked what could they do to help, my reply was:  keep conversation in a place of loving integrity; support me to be true to me and my values; to see the opportunities that are being offered for me to grow and heal.

As you look around your community, what sort of support have you surrounded yourself with?  Have you got people that uplift you?    Have you thought about what you really desire?  And how you can stretch into community to help with this.

How 'bout inviting a learners mindset to your community . Bring gratitude, look for ways you can learn, grow, support each other with integrity. Be gentle with yourself and take baby steps (I'd love to hear what steps you take whether baby ones or giant leaps). 

Much Love to you


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