Using the grounding technique with children

 Can you use the grounding technique on your children,  or children you are working with?

 Absolutely!!  Your children are the most amazing loving beings.  They glow with love and joy, so anything looking for a boost may be attracted to them.

 If your children go to pre-school care or are at school,  they are surrounded all day by people who are carrying all sorts of issues.  Being able to release your children from these energies as they get home is so powerful.  (If your children are old enough you can even teach them how to ground).  This is a great technique to teach any clients you are working with as well.

 You can probably tell the sort of day your child has had as soon as you see them after school.  If you can release their little “octopus arms”  (from other children or teachers' having a bad day for example),  then they can be present with you and have a much more loving restorative time at home.

 Using this grounding technique also works really well to assist children go to sleep.  In my experience it works 99% of the time (no exaggeration).  If ever my children found it hard to get to sleep or were worried about something,  I connected with Creator and and asked for any attachments from the day to be released and for them to be safely grounded with Love.  Then I watched all the little "octopus arms" be released from all over the show and my child being safely grounded in their room.  Usually by the time I had witnessed this, they were relaxed and,  by the time I left their room,  asleep.  

When I have taught this to parents, they have reported similar great results. 

The following downloads about grounding may be helpful for you, your family and your clients…

 I have Creators perspective on grounding

I know how to ground in the highest and best with joy

I know how to recognise when I need to ground in the highest and best

I am allowed to ground with love

It is safe to ground in the here and now


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