What can change when you bring your Presence in nature?

nature presence Jun 29, 2020

"Take 45 minutes and give yourself a solo retreat.  See what you notice then come back and share". This was part of a Saturday morning inservice training exploring among other things, the impact our connection with nature has on all aspects of our life.  

I knew where I was heading - straight to an amazing tree in the park.  I've run past this tree hundreds of times on my runs in Pukekura park and I love it. 

With an intention of complete presence, I made my way slowly to the tree. Even though the clouds were threatening to burst and the air chilly I passed many families playing in the park.  Then as I neared the bush, I started to feel a difference on my skin. Almost as if the atmosphere was changing.  

As I shifted my presence from the bubbles of joy of children playing in autumn leaves to the bush.  It was as if I was entering a parallel version of the path I have wandered along for years.  I could feel and "see" energy shifting from plant to plant, in a variety of hues and vibrations wrapped in an essence of peace and Love.  I paused to adjust my energy and presence and stepped in. 

I could feel my body taking in information in a really different way - my skin and heart in particular noticing things.  It was like a magical word that exists all the time, but I've not taken the time to see it before.  As I walked through different bush and trees, the energy changed and I paused to change mine.  

It was as if the plants were reading me more than I was reading them.  Choosing what to share.  If I wrote all I saw and sensed here, this post would be way too long.  But I can say it was magically phenomenal.

I was deeply in presence with the bush, about to turn onto the path to visit "the tree", as two people came running past. What I saw stunned me.  I saw them surrounded by a big bubble.  In that bubble I could hear the chatter of their conversation, the problems they were chatting about. There were these amazing offerings from the trees stretching towards them, offering Love, healing, information.  But they were so caught up in their "stuff" they were oblivious to it.  

The energy being extended towards them was brushed aside in turbulence much like the air is disturbed when by a plane landing or taking off. After they passed I sense the air (atmosphere) settling again and the plants kept on as they had before.  

The people running looked like they were enjoying it, but not connecting with the environment around them, other than the occasional glance at the trees and looking where they put their feet.

It gave me insight to the times I've gone in the bush, self absorbed and felt better for the walk, but came back still self absorbed compared to the times I've gone in the bush and really connected, noticed, got present to the bush.  I've always come out in a better space than I went in when I've connected.

I wondered if it's been like that for you.  I invite you next time you are out in nature to notice, observe. What space are you in?  Are you like the runner's - absorbed in your bubble, or are you open to what is on offer if you tune in?  

Take a moment to breathe, feel your feet on the ground.  Listen to the bird song, the breeze in the trees. Do you have muscle tension you can release?  Can you give yourself permission to be open to inspiration?  

Einstein said "Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better".  Issac Newton found inspiration with an apple tree to support his study of gravity. 

I'd love to hear what emerges for you.  It's amazing what can shift in your inner and outer world.

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