How can I stay present with others?

Uncategorized Jan 14, 2020

How can I stay present when I interact with others?   How do I stop disappearing?  How do I be with others without getting angry?

These are some of the most frequently asked questions in my recent survey.  And quite frankly they are brilliant ones.   They infer a depth of caring, awareness and desire to transform into a new pattern and way of being.   

They can also be explored in many ways, depending on the depth you wish to go. 

I'd love to say: "tune in with Love",  "realise you are important" and "what you have to say is important".   And that is absolutely true.   And it might work for you. 

But in truth is I think the answer is more multifaceted.   And I think you deserve a deeper answer.  It's one I will respond to over several posts (otherwise this would be very long).

For millennia our ancestors have been taught to keep the status quo, put their heads down, don't rock the boat, work hard, be grateful for...

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Uncategorized Jan 13, 2020

What's going on behind that pain?

Today I was able to share some special time with a friend. She lay in hospital, surrounded by drips, friends and compassionate nurses working to ease her pain.  And in the midst of this, she asked and trusted me to explore certain things with her.

For obvious reasons, I'm honouring the confidentiality of what we discussed.

But it served to remind me of how grateful I am for all I have learned and the people who have trusted me on their life journeys.  And my friends and family.

I'm deeply grateful I've learned to tune in and listen to our bodies; and that I have been able to share the wisdom I have learned with other people. 

I'm deeply grateful for the people who's legacy I grew from.  Those who had the courage to speak beyond the western orthodox way of operating.  Who shared their knowledge that we are more than simply physical beings, who demonstrated compassion and a way of stepping into a different paradigm.  


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How ignoring the nudges lead to a walk home

Uncategorized Jan 12, 2020

How many times does it take of ignoring the whispered knowings to realise the importance of listening?

Quite a few it seems.

Last night my 16 year old and I decided we'd go for an early bike ride to stretch our legs following our overnight tramp.  Bike up the hills, enjoy the view, have a cuppa half way.  Well more precisely I needed the stretch and my son was keen to come. 

I woke this morning with a lingering feeling about a puncture. 

Now normally this would cue me.   A bit like Neo in the matrix when he see's a glitch with the cat.   Pay attention.   What's the message here?   What could I be doing differently?  What do I need to do to get a better outcome?

But for some reason today I wasn't concentrating on the wisdom floating towards me.  

"Hmm, must find my puncture repair kit - haven't unpacked it since moving"  I thought to myself.   I even went so far as to mention to my son that I needed to check my...

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It's time for the great remembering

Uncategorized Jan 11, 2020

The other day I was reading that when Albert Einstein was developing his theories, rather than use a chalkboard he used his imagination. He imagined what it would be like to travel at the speed of light, and wanted to know what the experience of riding a beam of light would be like.  Once he got this understanding he looked for an intuitive solution.

It was such a relief for me to hear this!  It resonated with so much of how I have learned so much of the information I have.  Stepping out of the intellectual expectation of how to approach something and into the knowing of a greater possibility, out of the brain understanding and into the feeling and intuitive.  I have found when I do that,  magic can unfold.

Sometimes these wonderings happen when I am meditating.  Other times they happen upon me.  It's as if the universe is saying here's an opening.  Would you like to take it?

One such bundle of awareness came several months ago.  I shared...

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Want to know what you're creating? Look where your attention is?

Uncategorized Jan 10, 2020

"Might be a good idea to put your phone away" I suggested to Mr 15 year old.

"Hmmm, yea I'm ok".

Prophetic words as we tramped up our local mountain.  

Duh! Of course 15 year olds can multitask - play games on their phone while walking and keeping an eye out for tree roots.

Until they can't. 

"Better put my phone away" was the response after Mr 15 year old tripped on a root he hadn't seen. 

It's a bit like texting and driving I replied. You don't know what you're not seeing until its too late.  It certainly got the boys focusing on the walk.

Anyway it got me thinking.  Where in your life are you thinking you're heading, but actually you're concentrating on something else?

I've seen it happen time and time again with people (myself included). 

I've seen an awesome therapist say she wants a thriving practice.  But rather than focus on  succeeding and the difference she can make to other peoples lives, her focus is actually on her fear.   A...

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Take imperfect action to step beyond the invisible barriers

Uncategorized Jan 08, 2020

I had an awesome conversation with someone yesterday about goal setting for the next few years. We are both yearning to step and grow in similar ways.   Both exploring skills we need to learn so that we can stretch into this and make it a reality.

Then we started talking about what has held us back up to now.   Similar things for both of us.   The old pattern of keeping small.

When you have honest conversation with yourself, really going deep into the honest truth of what holds you back,  can you feel yourself heat up or go into shivers? Or find all sorts of reasons to distract yourself, maybe feel sick or suddenly aches or pains appear?

You may find yourself cancelling appointments that can push you out of your comfort zone.   You may avoid looking into the deep things and go back to being comfortable.

It feels good for a while, but the deal is - thats where you end up staying. "Comfortable" is where you are now and but is that really the "comfortable"...

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Standing fast to your own dreams in the face of others differing opinions

Uncategorized Jan 08, 2020

Today I had a conversation with someone who very politely told me that if I still did ThetaHealing they weren't interested in connecting - they perceived it as superstitious and misleading. 

Many years ago this would have sent me into a tail spin, kept me awake at night and shut me down. 

In fact in the past I did let other peoples comments stop me in my track and reinforce the belief that I was meant to be small, quiet and unseen. 

I remember as a 10 year old saying I wanted to be a pilot or astronaut and being told girls couldn't do that. Without consciously realising it, I internalised that as an inner glass ceiling.  I started to tell myself stories of why I no longer wanted to be a pilot. 

After sharing my desire to travel through the middle east in my early 20's and being told it wasn't safe for single women, I toned my travel desires to "safe" countries. 

After being told at university that you could only follow research that had been empirically...

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Feeling stuck in old patterns? Maybe its a hint you're meant to be somewhere else...

Uncategorized Jan 07, 2020
Have you felt nudges to shift, transform into something bigger, different than you have been or known?   You might not know what this looks like as it's more a yearning, knowing.  Yet somehow you feel a pull into a direction to make a difference.
Almost everyone I see in my practice has felt this calling.   A common question I hear associated with this is how do I find and align with my purpose and clear blocks that are holding me back. 
Along with this often comes a question like: I've explored this so often, released so many blocks, changed so many beliefs, yet I still feel like I'm treading water.  Why is this?   What do I need to do? 
Sound familiar? 
There are many aspects to this I could respond to but this would be very long.  (Perhaps you have deeper answers that I - please let me know).    Instead I'm offering you a different way of considering the situation. 
Imagine you've been...
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Self Love and collective conscious

Have you ever had a dream or been shown something in a meditation that doesn’t make sense at the time,  but later that day you meet someone and realise the dream was about them?

It happened to me yesterday. 

I was at our beautiful park for my morning run and parked next to a woman I hadn’t seen for several years.   We got out of our cars at the same time and she started to share how really tough the last few years had been for her.   She was wondering what it was all about and fearful that more trauma might occur. 

I offered to tune in to see if I was able to get any insights for her.   Standing there with my earbuds in,   phone prepped with my running podcast, I was reminded of my dream and meditation. 

In the meditation I was being shown a misty energy swirling through someones body.   I could sense a conversation as if it was coming from the mist.   It felt like the boss and was frustrated the receptors...

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Invest in yourself and dream big

Uncategorized Jan 05, 2020

We might be in the beginning of a new year and new decade, with lots of encouragement to set intentions and dream big.   In reality you can do this anytime.  

You might be someone who actively chooses to avoid setting intentions as they seem too cliche, contrived. You might have read the research that shows many people get to the end of January having "broken" their resolutions,  confining them to the basket of self talk like “I didn’t really want that” or “ I can never finish anything” or “I’m useless”.   Perhaps underneath that is a deeper, possibly unconscious, belief that you are not able to set deep goals, or its too scary, or your not worthy.

There’s a saying: If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you. 

I remember many years ago someone asking me what I wanted.   Quite honestly I didn’t know.   It felt unbelievably difficult at that time to...

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