How to bring presence to your game

Uncategorized Jan 04, 2020

“Ha ha I didn’t know I could do that move, and by the way, your visions going as grey as your hair mum”

Having just moved homes and cleared enough boxes to create space in the garage, my son and I set up the table tennis table.  We decided to play the best of 3.   

I won the first two games.  It was fun, easy, I focused on the ball and seemed to know when and where to hit it (not that the score mattered but it was 21 - 3 and 21 - 1).   So my son suggested we turn it into the best of five - funny that!

We paused to cook dinner as a family, and I got very distracted with a conversation. Triggered is probably a more accurate way of describing it. 

I didn't take time to clear myself when we went back to play.  My focus was out, I wasn't paying attention and my mind was still on the conversation.  In my first two games I was probably about 90 present and focused.  After dinner only about 20 percent.

I kept on mulling...

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Feeling into resistance

Uncategorized Jan 03, 2020

Today I find myself on day 3 of my resolution to blog every day.   

Already I’m fighting with the old pattern of self talk:  get busy with other things,  you’ve already seen two clients - have a break;  remember to hang out the washing and while you're there, the toilet could do with a clean;   you started that book a while back and haven’t finished it - you’ve got an hour between appointments so go read a chapter. 

Ooh. So many ways to fall into a spiral and distract myself. 

I’m recognising and breathing into this old pattern of feeling resistance with writing.  It’s an interesting thing to pause and observe.   I can feel my old undercurrent and survival patterns working overdrive to get me to stop. 

My resistance is saying what the (bleep) were you thinking publicly committing to 31 days of writing.  No one will care if you just stop and have a day off. 

My survival mode...

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Manifest as your Grand self

manifest Jan 02, 2020

Manifesting is something you can do anytime (actually you do it all the time possibly without recognising it). As Day 2 of the New Year / new decade it's a great opportunity for you to be thinking BIG as you set intentions for the decade ahead. 

In the 1970’s New Zealand had “Think Big” and I’m referring to something quite different here.   Think Big in the 1970’s was about utilising the earths resources, big business, creating hydro-electric power stations.   Inviting the mindset of creating jobs as if they were the most important thing to be considered.  

It was where I got my first taste of environmental activism.   I can still hear the song  “Damn the dam ..."  on the radio  wondering why trees and birds needed to be killed so we could turn on a light at night and factories could make things that would end up in landfills.    Hmm, come to think of it,  I still wonder about that...

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Uncategorized Jan 01, 2020

A new day, a new decade begins.  In so many ways its just another day, yet it has so much potential infused with it. 

About 12 years ago, before I started my teacher training in the ThetaHealing technique, I had an interesting meditation.  I was shown a blue gown being draped over me, almost like a bubble, and then hands extending to raise me up past the atmosphere.  From this perspective I saw thousands of people around the world being raised up.  With an incredible feeling of  support and reconnecting to a journey we had signed up for and were staring to remember.  It was reassuring to see others around the world waking up with me.  I also had a sense of an atmospheric layer around planet earth that was toxic and I needed to be up beyond the atmosphere to see a deeper truth.

Over the years since then on courses around the world, I have recognised some of the people in this expanded meditation.  I have also seen this toxic layer...

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Stretch into the New Year

Uncategorized Dec 31, 2019

I hope that what ever you are (and have been doing) this festive season, you are enjoying yourself and bringing joy into your part of the world. 

For me, this particular Christmas/New Year is a huge time of celebration.  First off celebrating that I’ve written this as it has been a long time coming.  In my family we’ve been celebrating moving into a new home and my nieces graduation with her PhD along with Christmas and New Year. 

End of year always offers an opportunity to review whats been, decide what you wish to take forward and what to lay to rest, resolve and release.  I enjoy giving myself time to reflect and this year stepping into 2020 it’s an opportunity to reflect deeper and review the last decade.  

One of my teachers a few years ago shared the notion that we often over estimate what we can achieve in the short term and under estimate what we can do in the long term.  As I reflect on the last decade I can certainly see...

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Fight or flight - where did you go and did you come back?

fight or flight Sep 08, 2019

Have you ever chatted to someone who seem to be really together, then out of the blue seem to lose it, get worried and/or not cope?  This person may even be you.   I get to chat with many people where this happens.  They function really well in most areas of life, but this one thing triggers and whammo out of the blue they are struggling.  They usually can't figure out what happened or how to easily get out of it.

I love these chats (sessions) because as we shift these patterns I get to witness people start to remember how magnificent they really are.  It's one of the absolute amazing things in my "job".  (Another is that my "job" is more like play than work - it's so interesting and rewarding on many levels.)

It seems that there is a really big nudge to transform these patterns as part of our global wake up call.  And in the way this universe of ours seems to work, I figured if I'm seeing this a lot then maybe you are too. 

So what's helping...

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Feeling the opportunity to go really deep

Uncategorized Aug 19, 2019

Have you been feeling the opportunity to go really deep? 

Over the last little while it seems that every one I work with is being invited to clear, grow and evolve - quite quickly.

Of course with free agency, you can choose whether you take up this opportunity or let it pass you by. I have been mostly choosing to take the opportunity to clear, grow and release. Boy its a great ride and I'm really glad I am. With each wave comes a deeper appreciation of joy and gratitude with life. Every now and then I recognise that I have been avoiding...Yes, I'm human.

Coming up two years ago I had a premonition dream that showed me upcoming events. The key take home from the dream was to ride the waves. Stay above the waves and I'd be fine. Let myself sink and it was a different story.

I am still very grateful for this dream. Even though I didn't understand what it was about at the time, it has been a life saver.

One of the ways that I...

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Are you being supported?

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2019

"I'm so busy supporting others at the moment,  I can't cope with any more".

"I just want out."

"What do I have to do to get people to notice me?"

Sound familiar to you?

Over the past few months in my clinic practice, I've seen so many people getting sick, feeling overwhelmed, having relationship or work issues.

When we dig down to the nitty gritty, they have one thing in common. Support. Or to be more accurate, they share common beliefs - that they are unworthy of support and they are learning about support by being unsupported.  

Another common aspect is surprise when this is identified. On a conscious level no-one identified with this belief. Their bodies had  taken these beliefs on subconsciously. 

This has been so  common in my clinical practice and mastermind mentoring groups, I wondered if it might relate to you.

In your body, minerals play a huge part of your support.  Zinc, calcium, magnesium, iron and so on.  All so important to your...

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How to make a difference in the world

"Every time I have an idea I look around and someone else has already done it.

I don't see the point in starting. Other people are already doing it better than I could."


Sincere words from a client (we'll call her Sue) scared of starting her own clinical practice. Sue's taken many courses, is very skilled at what she does. Has people clamouring to work with her at practice sessions and workshops. And unfortunately in this instance, she is very skilled at talking herself out of what she really wants to do.


Sound familiar? How often have you talked yourself out of starting something you really want to do, or tell yourself you don't really want to do it (even though deep down you know you do)?


There are many factors at play here.  Depending on how deep you want to look,  see how many of these relate to you:  fear of not being good enough,  fear of failing,  fear of hurting someone,  fear of letting people down.  Get the theme of...

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How to be the pilot rather than a passenger in your life.

Uncategorized Jun 10, 2018

"Girls - over here.    Look at this funny picture.  You can do better than this.  She doesn't know up from down".

My Brownie teacher (baby girl guides) grabbed my drawing, told me (and the class) I couldn't draw, and while everyone laughed suggested I didn't belong in Brownies.

To my eight year old self, she demonstrated living in a two-dimensional world.   All the other girls were drawing everything in a line on the bottom of the page.  I was different. 

How she failed to see perspective (height and size) as I drew sheep on a hill was beyond me.   I remember being stunned as I realised not everyone saw the world as I did.   And, that leaders could actually be mean. 

Unwittingly I accepted her belief I couldn't draw, and dropped out soon after.   I let myself do stick drawings to convey messages, but the beautiful art inside of me stayed there rather than come out on paper.

Jump ahead a few years.   An invitation to join...

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