Ask yourself this one question to get out of a funk

Tears streaming down my face, steam swirling from the shower and kids banging on the door "mum, we're going to be late for school". 

Where did this come from? I really wanted to know.

Moments before jumping in the shower, I was great. I'd been for a run, fed the chickens, embraced the sunrise. We'd had a lovely family game with a side order of breakfast, then a brief shower before the school run (or so I thought). 

Yet, here I was. Feeling crap. Destructive thoughts running through my head.

I sent out a plea for help. 

And it came. 

"Ask yourself: who's is this?"

So I did. Standing in the shower I muscle tested "This originates with me". 

And the answer? NO.

Wow. Instantly (as in less than one second) I felt amazing. The tension, sadness and destructive thoughts and tears gone. They were not me. (Well, the tears had been flowing down my face, but the origin of this was not me.)

This was a few years ago, and since then I've had cause to ask myself that...

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Breathe Joy into your life

Uncategorized May 08, 2018

"Can you send me a reminder of how to do that heart breath meditation thingy? Its so easy to do with you but not so easy to remember when I get home?"

This simple request brought back memories of a physio appointment after I injured my leg. 

See if you can move that way. Yes, now stand on the right foot. Bend, hold it to the count of 10. Good. Now, use this weight and lift your leg. A bit higher...yes that's it.  Excellent. Do these three times a day and you be recovering in no time. See you next week. 


I arranged the next appointment, had a well earned coffee (and read the paper - naturally I had to sit down with a real cup to avoid the single use throw away cup). Finished my tasks in town, got home, cooked dinner, washed the dishes. Then I remembered the physio appointment.

Hmmm. How did that exercise start? What was the 2nd one?

Yup. The old short term memory had been superseded by the rest of the day and I'd forgotten. Needless to say progress at the...

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Compassionate Transitions and Endings

Uncategorized Mar 27, 2018

The equinox signals a time of transition. Days lengthen or shorten depending on where you are on this beautiful planet. In New Zealand the autumn equinox means evenings of BBQ dinners and late night beach walks make way for extra layers of clothes and stacking wood for winter fires.


It’s also a time to look at transitions happening in your life.  What is ending to make way for something new? How do you manage this? Now you may have this process sussed. Or like me, you could perhaps consider a new approach to how you transition through those endings and new beginnings.


Think back to a time when something really important to you ended. Maybe a job you loved that helped you grow - to the extent you had outgrown it. It might be moving from schools or town. Or friendships that have come and gone. Reflecting back on it, how did you “get through” the transition?


Some transitions are easy peasy. You can take them in your stride and look forward...

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Bring a holiday feeling to your session work

Holiday time. Depending on your ideal holiday you may be imagining tropical beaches, adventure, relaxation, friends and family, sleep. Ok, there are many more ways of having a holiday, but you get the idea. One of the great things about holiday is the change of pace, connecting into your own rhythm and joy. 

 Recently I asked people who come to the monthly practice session I offer, what is different about being on holiday than being at work. Now, duh you might say, that's a no brainer. Well, yes, but...

You see, I ask with the intent of bringing the best of holiday and work to your sessions. I believe bringing things like joy, relaxation, freedom, curiosity, structure and responsibility to your session work, helps you witness amazing results,. 

 So how do you feel when you're on holiday (some ideas from the Practice session include: adventure, relaxing, connection, fun, play, no clock watching, freedom, joy, spontaneity, family and friends among other things).


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How to transform negative thinking with a short quick technique you have at your fingertips.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a technique at your finger tips (literally) that you can use to transform your and your client’s thinking. So that instead of being affected for hours (or sometimes days) by negative/ put down/ bully type thinking, you can get back to enjoying life? Well read on because (drum roll please) you have one here.

You know how that voice in your head can throw you sometimes. There you are having a great time and out of the blue a little voice kicks in, leaving you with self doubt and possibly stopping you in your tracks. Been there, done that.

Has it occurred to you that perhaps its not your voice? Well, of course it is because you are the one thinking it right? (no - I”m not meaning that you might be going crazy). Bear with me a little here….

In the intuitive anatomy class, we discuss how your body has more microbe cells (such as bacteria and fungi) than human cells. They do an amazing job keeping you well (helping you digest food is...

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Time to recognise and stop the internal critic "bully" once and for all

How do you stop that voice in your head that holds you back and puts you down  -  and what can you do to assist your family and clients recognise and change that voice in themselves?

I was recently reminded of the importance of changing these thoughts, when the media reported a child suspended from school for bullying, filming and posting it on social media.

Like you, I often wonder what’s going on with people that bully, the children filming, those that watch without intervening, the “victim” and the media in reporting it. The event last week got me thinking about this in a different way.

As I wondered what we, as a collective society, are creating and what is being learned through this, Creator had me wondering further.

Perhaps there is more to this than meets the eye.

Maybe, just maybe, these children are acting out something that you,  your family and clients,  many in society have,  but rarely show.  Maybe these children are...

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Using the grounding technique with children

 Can you use the grounding technique on your children,  or children you are working with?

 Absolutely!!  Your children are the most amazing loving beings.  They glow with love and joy, so anything looking for a boost may be attracted to them.

 If your children go to pre-school care or are at school,  they are surrounded all day by people who are carrying all sorts of issues.  Being able to release your children from these energies as they get home is so powerful.  (If your children are old enough you can even teach them how to ground).  This is a great technique to teach any clients you are working with as well.

 You can probably tell the sort of day your child has had as soon as you see them after school.  If you can release their little “octopus arms”  (from other children or teachers' having a bad day for example),  then they can be present with you and have a much more loving restorative time at...

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Ground yourself with Love

“Remember to rinse off and ground after every session”.   I’m sure you have heard this, but how often do you actually do this?  And more to the point,  do you really understand what this is or why it’s recommended?

Simply put, grounding is a way of ensuring you clear out of someone else’s reality and back into yours.  However there is a lot more to it than this.

Have you ever found yourself reflecting on a session (or meeting) going over the details again and again?  Or started getting churned up about something that actually doesn’t involve you?

The chances are that while you physically left the room,  you never quite left the meeting, or,  you energetically popped over to someone else’s reality bubble.  As a parent,  colleague,  friend,  partner,  therapist (add your descriptor of choice) you have times where you really feel for someone.  Sometimes this can...

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Being the best you

Have you ever got to the end of the day and gone - “oh I wish I could do that again” or “man I stuffed up big time there…”? You are not alone. Now just to be clear: this is not an invitation for you to wallow in self pity or be hard on yourself. Actually it’s an invitation to work out what makes you tick, what helps bring out the best in you. Not best as in being #1 in a certain thing, being on the gold medal podium. No, I’m talking about the absolute best version of you. The you that no-one else can ever be. The most amazing you that fills your heart so you can feel it soaring. The you that lights up what ever space you are in. The you that goes, yes, this is what rocks my socks. This is what I came here for.

Finding yourself and being the best version of you is an amazing gift to yourself (and if you can give me the liberty of saying so) and the world. When you become the best you, you shine, you thrive and you become a beacon to...

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What video games do you let your children watch?

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2017


 Mr 13 (going on 30 year old) requested we download a game of tanks to the family computer. “Its not bad mum” came with the request, “you only have to shoot. It’s about how good you are at aiming at and how many points you get, its not really violent. And anyway, all my friends have games like this.”

A situation many parents of adolescents face. So what do you do? Say yes, join in and have a game with him. Have some fun, see who gets the highest score. After all “the family that plays together stays together”. Or relish the time you will have when he's engrossed in the game.

I tuned in. I could see his desire to belong, have fun, recognise that generally he is an incredibly perceptive, sensitive young man. I also saw the potential to go with the crowd and lose his personal truth.

I saw the human nervous system wired for stress, to look for potential negatives and this game triggered that.

I saw my years of seeing countless...

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