How to change your perspective

Years ago I attended a very moving ANZAC day service at Little River. The main speaker delivered a very powerful talk from the perspective of the Turkish soldiers defending their land from the ANZAC soldiers. 

I'm taking liberty here to paraphrase him. One of the things he discussed was how much our perspectives can change. Countries who were once our "enemy" can become our friends.

Now I certainly have no intention of being morbid here. That ANZAC day speech was about countries and global war. However I think we can apply some of what he said to our personal lives:  over time our perspectives on things can change. 

Given this, it is useful to have a strategy that enables you to quickly change your perspective - to keep sight of the big picture. A strategy for those times when you are in the midst of feeling frustrated, angry or worked up about something. That very quickly helps you see the big picture and keeps you focused on whats really important rather than...

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Farewell to Nellie

farewell nellie Mar 28, 2017

Yesterday we said farewell to Nellie.  We buried her under the fig tree. 

Nellie was the first Galloway cow we brought onto our land.  She helped me learn a lot about working with animals.  When she arrived at our property I went to Creator and cleared the trauma from the transport, the imprints she had picked up along the way, the waywards and other such things I regularly do when bringing things onto our land (whether living or not).  After this I let her know that our farm was her home too, and set boundaries that she had the paddocks and we had the house and garden.  Something she always respected.  Thanks for that Nellie. 

I had a lovely relationship with her.  She helped me learn that cows have genetic fears, prejudices and trauma just like other 3rd Plane Beings (humans).  We had laughs and felt sad when she injured her hooves.  She showed me how animals think in pictures.  She developed a beautiful relationship with...

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Retrain your nervous system to respond with Love

What triggers your fight or flight response? What is it that says “This is no good - I’m outta here”, “no-ones going to treat me like that”?

Sometimes it's a genuine physical threat such as stalling your car on a railway crossing with an approaching train. Your fight or flight response gets you moving quickly - get the car going or leave.

At other times its less obvious, such stopping yourself asking a question in a meeting in case others think you are a fool. In both these situations (real or imagined) your nervous system reacts in a similar way - racing heart, sweating, muscles tensing, increased breathing to name a few. However only one of these triggers requires you to move in a hurry - and thats the real one not the imagined one.

Theres a saying that 99% of what you worry about never happens. So why does your fight or flight response still get triggered when the odds are so low of it actually happening?

If you can imagine time slowing down to...

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The Grump

Uncategorized Jan 30, 2017

A few mornings ago I woke up in a Grump - that's a polite way of describing it, my husband said it was more like I woke going for the jugular. Small things seemed huge annoying obstacles and I was irate at everyone and everything. After about 40 minutes I remembered that it felt different when I woke up. Usually the first thing I notice or do when I wake is feel immense gratitude and love. My body stretches and greets my spirit energy and visa versa, and, I feel very joyful about the day. This day when I woke a little voice that was well hidden said “its not you” but it was very quiet and I angrily ignored it.

So after about 40 minutes I went for a bike ride (with my wise husband reminding me that I was probably experiencing this as it might to helpful to share). As per usual he was spot on.

I was shown the Grump was someone else’s (ancestral) and my higher self was welcoming it in - the image I was given when I asked why I had let this happen was of a very Loving...

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Courage to follow your dreams

follow your dreams Dec 04, 2016

Have you ever really wanted to do something, but that voice in your head talked you out of it - convinced you that it wasn’t the right time, or you weren’t really good enough? That's happened to me.

You see, I have always loved music, dance and theatre. My 10th birthday present was family tickets to a touring Russian ballet company. I remember being absorbed in how the dancers moved and the exquisite feeling of the vibration of music and awe coursing through me. I had dreams ever since then of moving in that way - the freedom, grace and finesse of a small movement conveyed so much.

My passion and secret desire to do a degree in music performance became just that - a secret desire. I grew up in the height of feminism where girls could do anything - especially bright intelligent girls as I was. To do something so frivolous as dance or sing was such a waste. I had the opportunity to be anything I could. Generations of women before me had worked so hard to enable this...

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How Intimate Are You With Yourself?

self intimacy Nov 27, 2016

Recently in the news a cleric was described as having incited hate about another religion and inferring woman were inferior to men. There were the usual outcries comparing religious perspectives, gender and the politically correct views of 2016. However my response was quite different to that. I was thinking ( assuming the reports were accurate) about how much that leader may be missing out on. How can you fully get to know yourself, your partner, your potential, the joy that life has to offer if you are filling yourself with prejudice, or putting limits on your and others potential because of these beliefs.

Today in my practice, two extraordinary people really took my attention. Both of them were experiencing relationship issues, What emerged out of these sessions, was the understanding that unless we truely love and are intimate with ourselves, how can we expect to have deeply fulfilling intimacy with our partner emotionally, spiritually and physically.

We are often quick to blame...

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