Ask yourself this one question to get out of a funk

Tears streaming down my face, steam swirling from the shower and kids banging on the door "mum, we're going to be late for school". 

Where did this come from? I really wanted to know.

Moments before jumping in the shower, I was great. I'd been for a run, fed the chickens, embraced the sunrise. We'd had a lovely family game with a side order of breakfast, then a brief shower before the school run (or so I thought). 

Yet, here I was. Feeling crap. Destructive thoughts running through my head.

I sent out a plea for help. 

And it came. 

"Ask yourself: who's is this?"

So I did. Standing in the shower I muscle tested "This originates with me". 

And the answer? NO.

Wow. Instantly (as in less than one second) I felt amazing. The tension, sadness and destructive thoughts and tears gone. They were not me. (Well, the tears had been flowing down my face, but the origin of this was not me.)

This was a few years ago, and since then I've had cause to ask myself that...

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