Being the best you

Have you ever got to the end of the day and gone - “oh I wish I could do that again” or “man I stuffed up big time there…”? You are not alone. Now just to be clear: this is not an invitation for you to wallow in self pity or be hard on yourself. Actually it’s an invitation to work out what makes you tick, what helps bring out the best in you. Not best as in being #1 in a certain thing, being on the gold medal podium. No, I’m talking about the absolute best version of you. The you that no-one else can ever be. The most amazing you that fills your heart so you can feel it soaring. The you that lights up what ever space you are in. The you that goes, yes, this is what rocks my socks. This is what I came here for.

Finding yourself and being the best version of you is an amazing gift to yourself (and if you can give me the liberty of saying so) and the world. When you become the best you, you shine, you thrive and you become a beacon to...

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