How to change your perspective

Years ago I attended a very moving ANZAC day service at Little River. The main speaker delivered a very powerful talk from the perspective of the Turkish soldiers defending their land from the ANZAC soldiers. 

I'm taking liberty here to paraphrase him. One of the things he discussed was how much our perspectives can change. Countries who were once our "enemy" can become our friends.

Now I certainly have no intention of being morbid here. That ANZAC day speech was about countries and global war. However I think we can apply some of what he said to our personal lives:  over time our perspectives on things can change. 

Given this, it is useful to have a strategy that enables you to quickly change your perspective - to keep sight of the big picture. A strategy for those times when you are in the midst of feeling frustrated, angry or worked up about something. That very quickly helps you see the big picture and keeps you focused on whats really important rather than...

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