Farewell to Nellie

farewell nellie Mar 28, 2017

Yesterday we said farewell to Nellie.  We buried her under the fig tree. 

Nellie was the first Galloway cow we brought onto our land.  She helped me learn a lot about working with animals.  When she arrived at our property I went to Creator and cleared the trauma from the transport, the imprints she had picked up along the way, the waywards and other such things I regularly do when bringing things onto our land (whether living or not).  After this I let her know that our farm was her home too, and set boundaries that she had the paddocks and we had the house and garden.  Something she always respected.  Thanks for that Nellie. 

I had a lovely relationship with her.  She helped me learn that cows have genetic fears, prejudices and trauma just like other 3rd Plane Beings (humans).  We had laughs and felt sad when she injured her hooves.  She showed me how animals think in pictures.  She developed a beautiful relationship with...

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