Fight or flight - where did you go and did you come back?

fight or flight Sep 08, 2019

Have you ever chatted to someone who seem to be really together, then out of the blue seem to lose it, get worried and/or not cope?  This person may even be you.   I get to chat with many people where this happens.  They function really well in most areas of life, but this one thing triggers and whammo out of the blue they are struggling.  They usually can't figure out what happened or how to easily get out of it.

I love these chats (sessions) because as we shift these patterns I get to witness people start to remember how magnificent they really are.  It's one of the absolute amazing things in my "job".  (Another is that my "job" is more like play than work - it's so interesting and rewarding on many levels.)

It seems that there is a really big nudge to transform these patterns as part of our global wake up call.  And in the way this universe of ours seems to work, I figured if I'm seeing this a lot then maybe you are too. 

So what's helping...

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