Courage to follow your dreams

follow your dreams Dec 04, 2016

Have you ever really wanted to do something, but that voice in your head talked you out of it - convinced you that it wasn’t the right time, or you weren’t really good enough? That's happened to me.

You see, I have always loved music, dance and theatre. My 10th birthday present was family tickets to a touring Russian ballet company. I remember being absorbed in how the dancers moved and the exquisite feeling of the vibration of music and awe coursing through me. I had dreams ever since then of moving in that way - the freedom, grace and finesse of a small movement conveyed so much.

My passion and secret desire to do a degree in music performance became just that - a secret desire. I grew up in the height of feminism where girls could do anything - especially bright intelligent girls as I was. To do something so frivolous as dance or sing was such a waste. I had the opportunity to be anything I could. Generations of women before me had worked so hard to enable this...

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