Ground yourself with Love

“Remember to rinse off and ground after every session”.   I’m sure you have heard this, but how often do you actually do this?  And more to the point,  do you really understand what this is or why it’s recommended?

Simply put, grounding is a way of ensuring you clear out of someone else’s reality and back into yours.  However there is a lot more to it than this.

Have you ever found yourself reflecting on a session (or meeting) going over the details again and again?  Or started getting churned up about something that actually doesn’t involve you?

The chances are that while you physically left the room,  you never quite left the meeting, or,  you energetically popped over to someone else’s reality bubble.  As a parent,  colleague,  friend,  partner,  therapist (add your descriptor of choice) you have times where you really feel for someone.  Sometimes this can...

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