How to make a difference in the world

"Every time I have an idea I look around and someone else has already done it.

I don't see the point in starting. Other people are already doing it better than I could."


Sincere words from a client (we'll call her Sue) scared of starting her own clinical practice. Sue's taken many courses, is very skilled at what she does. Has people clamouring to work with her at practice sessions and workshops. And unfortunately in this instance, she is very skilled at talking herself out of what she really wants to do.


Sound familiar? How often have you talked yourself out of starting something you really want to do, or tell yourself you don't really want to do it (even though deep down you know you do)?


There are many factors at play here.  Depending on how deep you want to look,  see how many of these relate to you:  fear of not being good enough,  fear of failing,  fear of hurting someone,  fear of letting people down.  Get the theme of...

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