Manifest as your Grand self

manifest Jan 02, 2020

Manifesting is something you can do anytime (actually you do it all the time possibly without recognising it). As Day 2 of the New Year / new decade it's a great opportunity for you to be thinking BIG as you set intentions for the decade ahead. 

In the 1970’s New Zealand had “Think Big” and I’m referring to something quite different here.   Think Big in the 1970’s was about utilising the earths resources, big business, creating hydro-electric power stations.   Inviting the mindset of creating jobs as if they were the most important thing to be considered.  

It was where I got my first taste of environmental activism.   I can still hear the song  “Damn the dam ..."  on the radio  wondering why trees and birds needed to be killed so we could turn on a light at night and factories could make things that would end up in landfills.    Hmm, come to think of it,  I still wonder about that...

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