What is your relationship to menstruation?

“um…er…um…(downcast eyes, blocking body) do you have any supplies?”

What is she talking about I wondered.   My son’s drama class were staying over for a weekend of creating, writing, filming and general fun.   What sort of supplies did they need?   Another camera, clothes, props? 

And then it hit me.   A 16 year old girl looking uncomfortable,  unable to make eye contact asking for “supplies”.   And then a wave of elation spread over me.   Yes, as a mother of two boys, I finally get to support a beautiful female being in some small way as she as she learns to step into and navigate menstruation. 

“Oh  I’m not sure I’ll have a look; are you ok?”   was my initial jumbled reply. 

As a post menopausal woman who used a moon cup for 17 years, a quick trip to the supermarket was in order.   Along with a purchase of ice-cream for dessert for 9...

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