What can change when you bring your Presence in nature?

nature presence Jun 29, 2020

"Take 45 minutes and give yourself a solo retreat.  See what you notice then come back and share". This was part of a Saturday morning inservice training exploring among other things, the impact our connection with nature has on all aspects of our life.  

I knew where I was heading - straight to an amazing tree in the park.  I've run past this tree hundreds of times on my runs in Pukekura park and I love it. 

With an intention of complete presence, I made my way slowly to the tree. Even though the clouds were threatening to burst and the air chilly I passed many families playing in the park.  Then as I neared the bush, I started to feel a difference on my skin. Almost as if the atmosphere was changing.  

As I shifted my presence from the bubbles of joy of children playing in autumn leaves to the bush.  It was as if I was entering a parallel version of the path I have wandered along for years.  I could feel and "see" energy shifting...

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