How Intimate Are You With Yourself?

self intimacy Nov 27, 2016

Recently in the news a cleric was described as having incited hate about another religion and inferring woman were inferior to men. There were the usual outcries comparing religious perspectives, gender and the politically correct views of 2016. However my response was quite different to that. I was thinking ( assuming the reports were accurate) about how much that leader may be missing out on. How can you fully get to know yourself, your partner, your potential, the joy that life has to offer if you are filling yourself with prejudice, or putting limits on your and others potential because of these beliefs.

Today in my practice, two extraordinary people really took my attention. Both of them were experiencing relationship issues, What emerged out of these sessions, was the understanding that unless we truely love and are intimate with ourselves, how can we expect to have deeply fulfilling intimacy with our partner emotionally, spiritually and physically.

We are often quick to blame...

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