Self Love and collective conscious

Have you ever had a dream or been shown something in a meditation that doesn’t make sense at the time,  but later that day you meet someone and realise the dream was about them?

It happened to me yesterday. 

I was at our beautiful park for my morning run and parked next to a woman I hadn’t seen for several years.   We got out of our cars at the same time and she started to share how really tough the last few years had been for her.   She was wondering what it was all about and fearful that more trauma might occur. 

I offered to tune in to see if I was able to get any insights for her.   Standing there with my earbuds in,   phone prepped with my running podcast, I was reminded of my dream and meditation. 

In the meditation I was being shown a misty energy swirling through someones body.   I could sense a conversation as if it was coming from the mist.   It felt like the boss and was frustrated the receptors...

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