How to transform negative thinking with a short quick technique you have at your fingertips.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a technique at your finger tips (literally) that you can use to transform your and your client’s thinking. So that instead of being affected for hours (or sometimes days) by negative/ put down/ bully type thinking, you can get back to enjoying life? Well read on because (drum roll please) you have one here.

You know how that voice in your head can throw you sometimes. There you are having a great time and out of the blue a little voice kicks in, leaving you with self doubt and possibly stopping you in your tracks. Been there, done that.

Has it occurred to you that perhaps its not your voice? Well, of course it is because you are the one thinking it right? (no - I”m not meaning that you might be going crazy). Bear with me a little here….

In the intuitive anatomy class, we discuss how your body has more microbe cells (such as bacteria and fungi) than human cells. They do an amazing job keeping you well (helping you digest food is...

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