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Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or just starting out, having regular support, mentoring and ongoing training can make a huge difference to your practice.  Finding someone who feels right and has the experience and depth of understanding to help you evolve is really important. Apply here to discover how Joss can support your growth as a practitioner.

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"The open hearted way you see me and others and how you do that, brings forth the ability to see myself and others.  When people say look at someone you would like to be in your future self....Joss you pop in"  Donna

 "Your ability to inspire, evoke and connect is profound" Jessica


"Thank you for the learning today. I have shifted so deeply and my shift was recognised by my family. Bless you continue to inspire me to be the best ThetaHealer possible" Lisa

Joss has been teaching, providing sessions for therapy, coaching and mentoring for over 30 years.  She draws on her  background in Clinical Psychology, the ThetaHealing meditative technique and facilitating and leading with Feminine Power to encourage practitioners to transform into all they can be.

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