"Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach a person to fish and you feed them for a lifetime".

Learning how to integrate transformative techniques into your daily life and practice can be extremely enriching.   Incorporating them into your current practice can bring extra depth and clarity into what and how you do things.   It can assist you to develop your own connection to All That Is. It helps to identify your own limiting issues, then release and transform these to create a life of Love, Joy and Purpose is deeply fulfilling.

Whether you are new to transformational healing or already have a thriving practice, Integrative Transformational Coaching can extend, enhance and compliment your life. There are a variety of workshops available, from the introductory workshops to more in depth workshops teaching you how healing of your body, relationships, business, diseases, and even address more global issues of world relations.

Each workshop gives you an opportunity to put in practice the theory learned on an experiential level - enabling you to experience on a deep level what your body is holding. You get an opportunity to tune into yourself in a new way and gently experience the transformation of blocks and old beliefs that your body holds.  You get to experience working on yourself and other students, enabling you to take these meditative skills to your own practice on yourself, your family and clients.  Some of the workshops available are described below.


Basic ThetaHealing

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to heal yourself, family or friends with energy healing? Have you ever asked yourself what it is all about? Are you working in the health field and would like to learn about energy and meditative methods to enhance your work with yourself and others? Have you wanted to find a quick, effective and very profound way to clear blocks? ThetaHealing is a wonderful spiritual meditative technique that gently yet profoundly brings positive changes on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, to enable people to be all that they can be. Learn more...

Advanced ThetaHealing

Are you ready to expand your toolkit of strategies that you can take anywhere and use to create a magical life you love? To expand on your knowledge from the Basic workshop and enhance your life to new levels? Then this workshop is for you. Taking the knowledge you gained in your Basic workshop, you enhance it with many more practical and amazing strategies. Learn more...

Dig Deeper ThetaHealing

Discover how to “dig deeper” to uncover and resolve the deep subconscious thoughts and beliefs that can block our healing. The “digging” work used in ThetaHealing is an essential tool to help access your client’s key core beliefs.  Unless we can identify the true heart and origin of the problem, it can be hard to know what beliefs to change. It can also mean that the changes made may only be temporary, and un-cleared negative beliefs can be barriers to true healing. Learn more...

Intuitive Anatomy ThetaHealing

Discovered the magic of yourself and your clients as you journey on this three week in-depth Intuitive Anatomy course. This class has been carefully crafted to take you from your Foundational courses of basic and advanced, to become a highly skilled practitioner utilising the ThetaHealing meditative technique. You develop strategies and techniques to easily work with people from many walks of life, becoming highly skilled at scanning and witnessing remarkable transformations in them. You leave this course with a greater appreciation of yourself, your family, your ability to manifest for yourself, and knowing that you can also assist others to lead a fulfilling life. Learn more...

Plants ThetaHealing

Plants are such an integral part of life on our planet, yet it is easy to go about your days to day life without really noticing them or being aware of what they actually do. How much do you really know about them? Do you know how they communicate, heal themselves and you. Have you taken them for granted without really registering what they are? Learn more...

Animals ThetaHealing

Learn to communicate and heal with your animals. Animals are amazing beings - they can be the best of friends, work companions, part of our families. They are an important part of our lives and are more amazing than we often realise. It is possible to heal them and in doing so learn and heal so much of ourselves. Learn more...

DNA 3 ThetaHealing

Are you ready to refine your practice of the ThetaHealing technique and open your awareness of what is possible - enabling you to play with elements, molecules and atoms within yourself and your surroundings. This course is playful yet at the same time enables you to clear deep resentments and long standing blocks to enhancing your life. You learn a new set of profound and transformational tools for your ThetaHealing toolkit, including intuitively lining up your eternal molecules, spiritually bi-locate and working with non-organic material.  The more you practice these the more impact they will have on your life and all you work with. Learn more...

Planes of Existence

Planes of Existence takes you on a journey of each of Plane of Existence. It deepens your understanding of each plane, how you connect with it and how to harness your connection with it. Through playful exercises and discussion, the philosophy behind the technique is explained. You gain an appreciation of how deepening your virtues enhance your healing abilities.  Learn more



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