About Joss

Joss Tennent believes that we are all so much more powerful than we have recognised and she loves assisting people transform into All that they are.

Her journey started as a curious young child, but was really nudged when she experienced a spontaneous remission of a brain tumour after one energy healing session.

Initially she trained and worked as a Registered Clinical Psychologist in a variety of settings, lectured at University. She has trained in many modalities including the ThetaHealing technique  (a meditation technique ultiizing a spiritual philosophy for improvement and evolvement of mind, body and spirit) and Feminine Power (training in facilitation and leadership).  The integration of beliefs, genetics, history, culture and  soul has enabled her to witness profound change in herself and other people.

She has been fortunate to work with many phenomenal people over many years through her practice. Her 5,000 plus sessions with people have given her the opportunity to see the uniqueness in each of us, but also the common threads that link us together.  Her engaging teaching style from Clinical Psychology to ThetaHealing has seen her give keynote addresses, a multitude of workshops and being nominated for Lecturer of the Year when lecturing at university. Most of all she loves watching people learn how to step into all they can be.

What she has learned is that the most amazing thing for all of us is Love. Love in its many forms, but ultimately Divine Love that binds and connects us all. Knowing how to access this gives us the power to transform our lives in a multitude of directions. 

She lives in New Plymouth, New Zealand and wakes (almost) every day being extremely thankful to be alive in this wonderful place. She enjoys keeping (somewhat) fit and loves to sing.

She has a lifelong fascination with discovering who we are, how to heal and fulfil our life purposes. Her personal motto being: Joyfully and Lovingly achieved all I came to do.