How Will I Benefit from ThetaHealing?

ThetaHealing a wonderful spiritual meditative technique that gently yet profoundly brings positive changes on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, to enable people to be all that they can be.

ThetaHealing is widely used around the world to enable spontaneous remissions in many aspects of our lives, including illness, relationship issues, emotional wellbeing and business success.

Learning how to integrate this meditative technique into your daily life and practice can be extremely enriching. Incorporating it into your current practice can bring extra depth and clarity into what and how you do things. It can assist you to develop your own connection to All That Is. It helps to identify your own limiting issues, then release and transform theses to create a life of Love, Joy and Purpose is deeply fulfilling.

Whether you are new to transformational healing or already have a thriving practice, ThetaHealing can extend, enhance and compliment your life.

Who can learn ThetaHealing?

Anyone. We all have Theta brain waves. The only requirement is a belief in a Greater Power (such as Divine Love, God, Universal Energy or Chi). 

Who can benefit from ThetaHealing?

People from all ages from pre-birth (pregnant women or those seeking to become pregnant) to babies and children, adolescents, adults, couples family and older people.

I want to learn how to do this myself. What is the best workshop to start with?

The Foundational workshops are the three day Basic DNA ThetaHealing class, followed by the three day Advanced DNA ThetaHealing class. These form the pre-requisites for all the elective classes.

Basic and Advanced along with Dig Deeper form the pre-requisites for Intuitive Anatomy and World Relations.

How does ThetaHealing fit with professional training?

At Joss Hobson - Live in Light we have taught people with a variety of professional training: acupuncture,artists, bankers, beauty therapists, counsellors, doctors, farmers, horse trainers, landscape designers, massage therapists, musicians, naturopaths, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists, teachers, veterinarians, yoga teachers and parents wanting to work with their families and young children.  ThetaHealing complements your skill base giving you a fabulous tool kit to assist you in your work with others and for yourself. In many countries ThetaHealing contributes to your CME.

Can I get a discount if I wish to repeat class?

We know how beneficial it can be to repeat a class. The opportunity you have to deepen your understanding is priceless. If you have already attended a class with Live in Light we would love to see you if you would like to repeat it. To honour how powerful this can be we offer a 50 % discount when you repeat a class. We respect the environment, so as you already have the class textbook and manuals we ask that you bring your copies rather than print out more.

When do you have the practice sessions for people who attended workshops in person?

The live-in-person mentoring Practice Session are held on the first Tuesday of every month, from 9.30-11.30 am. These are open to anyone who has attended a Live in Light workshop. Entry is by Koha (donation). These are held in “The Sanctuary” where the workshops are usually held.

Why do you offer mentoring?

We believe that mentoring is really important. As well as giving you the opportunity to review your practice (sessions you have had on yourself and / or others) it gives you an opportunity to reflect, review, learn and set goals. We believe that regular mentoring is an important part of any healthy practice - especially when working with clients.

We offer individual and group mentoring options. Spaces are limited.

How do I join a mentoring group?

You can contact us by email,  subject: request to join mentoring group . We will do our best to accommodate your request with an existing mentoring group. Alternatively you may have some colleagues or class mates that you would like to form a group with. If so, please give us the names of the people you would like to form a group with and how frequently you would like to meet and we will contact you to confirm arrangements.