Opening Yourself to New Possibilities

There is so much more to you than you usually let on. A feeling, a knowing, a dream. You've discovered things, maybe meditate or move regularly. Or at least intend to. Yet somehow daily life gets in the way. Work, family, and more pull you in different directions. Maybe fear has held you back - of what others think, of change, or even of what you are possible of.

Yet your inner calling is still whispering: take time to listen, to all parts of you, the incredible parts you share with others and the parts that you shy away from or feel swamped with.

The call to discover that you are worthy of deep support, friendship, and incredible Unconditional Love is here. Are you ready to listen this time? This is your divine right. Are you ready to claim it?

Here is what you can embody from answering the call to join the ThetaHealing Basic, Advanced and Dig Deeper workshops from May 13th - 22nd. You get to:

  • Create your life by design rather than by default.
  • Alchemise patterns and beliefs that work to support and contribute to your life instead of restricting and limiting.
  • Deepen your intuitive ability to witness miracles and magic.

See what others have gained from their experience of these workshops:

  • A deeper sense of knowing all things are possible. Growing confidence empowers you to know yourself without limitation.
  • A feeling of upliftment and deep awakening
  • An incredible enlightening course, rich in learnings and information which bring positive changes to the spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional bodies.
  • Life-changing course filled with fun, laughter, tears, and new friends. Ease and acceptance of your vulnerabilities that allow for healing and growth.
    An allowance you to bring your life into a more expanded space so you can ask for and receive more

This workshop series is designed for you to help you:

  • Inspire yourself and others to identify and utilise your genius
  • Ignite the spark of divinity that lives within every cell
  • Empower yourself to tap into and use the laws of creation
  • Trust your ability to see your beauty
  • Enhance your understanding that everything you need is within
  • Embrace all that life has to offer you

Venue:  1 Burgess Hill, New Plymouth Accommodation is available if you wish to stay onsite

Dates:  Friday 13th - Sunday 22nd May (Please note Thursday 19th and Friday 20th are free days for you to absorb and integrate your learnings, and enjoy New Plymouth)

Timing:  8 am - 5.30 pm each day.  Each day offers a mix of teaching, practice and reflection of the workshops alongside movement and sound to support your integration and embodiment. 

Included:  You will receive manuals and textbooks.  A tea / coffee station will be available throughout each day.  Lunches are included.


Check out these testimonials from previous participants:

"Amazing, informative, powerful. I could do it again and again". W.R.

"Amazing, well beyond what I imagined it would be" J.C.

"Joss's enthusiasm and love for what she does is a wonderful motivator to face a course that equips you with the tools to truely change your life" D.S.

"Lisa's love and possion for the course content shines thorugh with every topic covered. Lisa provides a safe and open environment to learn from and expertly deals with what may arise with a lovely, compassionate and supportive attitude. I highly recommend Lisa as a ThetaHealer teacher and healer". S.L.

"This course is life changing and I would recommend it to anyone. The insight I have gained into myself has been phenomenal and the compassion and understanding I now have for others has increased exponentially. I have worked with a lot of teachers in the health and wellbeing field and I can say without hesitation that Joss is one of the finest teachers I have had the privilege of studying with. Her teaching is clear, insightful, professional and full of compassion". S.H.

This workshop is designed to support your growth and cater for all learning styles

Your guides for the workshop:

Joss Tennent has spent her life exploring the potentials of what it means to be human. Among other things she's worked as a clinical psychologist, lecturer, mind-body-spirit life coach and teacher, mentor. She's a yoga and ecstatic dance teacher and studied Feminine Power facilitation and leadership and received her Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing in 2011. As well as passionately enjoying supporting people to uncover and evolve into who they came to be, she loves music, theatre, tramping, gardening, her family and the abundance this incredible planet offers. 

Lisa Lister, Soul Coach, Spirituality guide and creator of the Love You Quantum Healing method has been facilitating workshops for over 25 years with the greatest of joy and love for others. One of her spiritual gifts is her ability to feel through the heart what her students require and offer them a place to land with compassion and gentleness. Lisa has her own private practice in Taranaki and is currently studying and enrolled in a 200 hour embodiment flow yoga training which will be a huge contribution-to the future of her workshops and all her private clients.  

Joss and Lisa met  13 years ago when their youngest children started school together. Lisa trained with Joss to learn ThetaHealing and continued to train to teacher level.  Both Lisa and Joss bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to this powerful workshop. They offer you all their wisdom and playfulness so learning will be joyous, rewarding and expansive.

T's and C's

This workshop series is based on the ThetaHealing technique's taught by Vianna Stibal. The foundational workshops build on each other. The first three days cover the Basic class. This is a pre-requisite for the 2nd three days (Advanced). Both are pre-requisites for the final two days (Dig Deeper). 

Cancellation Policy

As we've all discovered over the past two years, life can sometimes throw some curve balls. If the course is unable to go ahead in person due to alert levels changing, we will offer this online. As much as we love to offer in person events, we are both well trained and experienced in offering powerful online workshops.

If some unforseen event occurs that prevents us from offering the workshop at all, you will be refunded in full.

If something happens that prevents you attending and you're able to give us at least 7 days notice, we will happily refund your fee (minus the $350 deposit). We are unable to refund your fee if you give us less than 7 days notice.