Planes of Existence Workshop

Planes of Existence takes you on a journey to explore each of the Plane's of Existence. It deepens your understanding of each plane, how you connect with it and how to harness your connection with it. Through playful exercises and discussion, the philosophy behind the technique is explained. You gain an appreciation of how deepening your virtues enhance your healing abilities. 

 The workshop is held over 4 days giving you plenty of opportunity to learn, experience and discuss various techniques. 

Included with your course: Planes of Existence manual (textbook), morning and afternoon tea’s, certificate of completion.

Pre-requisites: As an advanced practitioner course, you need to have attended the Basic, Advanced, and Intuitive anatomy practitioners workshops to enrol and attend Planes of Existence. 

This course is a requirement for the ThetaHealing Certificate of Science certification.

Your investment for the workshop is NZ$1220. To take advantage of the early-bird discount (save NZ$185 and pay only NZ$1035)  , ensure your payment is received no later than 21 days prior to the start of the workshop.

If a student needs to withdraw from a workshop prior to the workshop starting, they will be refunded the amount they paid less  a $150 administration fee. Students are asked to give as much notice as possible if they need to withdraw from a workshop. Once started, there will be no refunds given to students who decide to withdraw. 

If you are repeating this course within 5 years of taking it with Joss, you are entitled to repeat-student discount. You will need to bring your manual and text with you. If you require a new manual or textbook you will be able to purchase these during the workshop.

If Joss needs to cancel a workshop, fees will be refunded in full.

As a practitioner class, it is expected that you will honour and respect your classmates privacy and confidentiality. Therefore no photography, filming or recording of any kind is allowed in any part of the class.