Intuitive Anatomy 2020 ThetaHealing Workshop (New Plymouth)

Discover the magic of yourself and your clients as you journey on this in-depth Intuitive Anatomy course.

This class has been carefully crafted to take you from your Foundational courses of basic, advanced and dig deeper, to become a highly skilled practitioner utilising the ThetaHealing meditative technique.

You develop strategies and techniques to easily work with people from many walks of life, becoming highly skilled at scanning and witnessing and enabling remarkable transformations in them. You leave this course with a greater appreciation of yourself, your family, your ability to manifest for yourself, and knowing that you can also assist others to lead a fulfilling life.

In addition to an overview of both anatomy and physiology, you develop an intuitive familiarity with the many organs and systems of the body. You learn where different emotions and beliefs are stored and their relationship to physical and emotional disease.

You practice identifying and clearing these emotions, blocks, challenges and issues people have carried for a very long time. The opportunity to become more appreciative and loving of your human form is extraordinary.

You enhance your ability to work on yourself, and others, through sessions with your fellow classmates and invited guests attending for gifted sessions.

The class is designed to support you as you journey through these systems and transformations.

Class time: 9 AM to 5 PM Monday 12 October to Friday 30 October 2020. Classes are Monday to Friday with the weekends off for you to relax, explore, refresh.

Venue: 1 Burgess Hill, New Plymouth. This stunning venue offers plenty of space for you to learn. During your breaks you are free to appreciate the garden, walk among the trees or along the river. 

Included with your course: anatomical charts and textbook, your comprehensive intuitive anatomy manual, certificate of completion, morning and afternoon teas.

Prerequisite requirements: the foundational Basic,  Advanced and Dig Deeper ThetaHealing in classes. 

Comments from some of previous course participants:

“Joss’s enthusiasm and love for what she does is a wonderful motivator to face a course that equips you with the tools to truely change your life”   Donna S

“Joss Tennent is a very connected, informative, interactive, gentle, supportive and encouraging healer/teacher. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from her”   Anahera B

“ThetaHealing is one way you can clear limiting beliefs and help yourself to see the truth of your being. In Joss’s class not only will you learn this but also with fun,joy, experience and knowledge. Highly recommended”   Lisa L

”Amazing, well beyond what I imagined it would be”   Jo C

“Amazing, informative, powerful. I could do it agin, and again…”   Wendy R

 "Your ability to inspire, evoke and connect is profound" Jessica

"The open hearted way you see me and others and how you do that brings forth the ability to see myself and others.  When people say look at someone you would like to be in your future self....Joss you pop in"  Donna

"This course is proving to be one of the most amazing and awesome journeys of my life!  I am so grateful for your generosity, support, guidance and invitation to be on it.  I feel very blessed indeed"  Heidi

"This course is life changing and I would recommend it to anyone! The insight I have gained into myself has been phenomenal and the compassion and understanding I now have for others has increased exponentially. I have worked with a lot of teachers in the health and wellbeing field and I can say without hesitation that Joss is one of the finest teachers I have had the privilege of studying with. Her teaching is clear, insightful, professional and full of compassion. " Sarsha H

Your investment for the workshop: NZ$2,950. 00 (early bird discount saves $450 and paying only NZ$2500 when your enrolment and full payment is received no later than 21 September 2020 ).

Accommodation options: If you are needing accomodation during the workshop, 1 Burgess Hill offers a corporate discount.  There are numerous other accommodation options from backpacker, cabins to hotels. All within a short 5-15 minute drive of the venue.

Cancellation / Refund Policy: If a student needs to withdraw from a workshop prior to the workshop starting, they will be refunded the amount they paid less the cost of the textbook (if already sent) and a $150 administration fee. Students are asked to give as much notice as possible if they need to withdraw from a workshop. Once started, there will be no refunds given to students who decide to withdraw. If Joss  needs to cancel a workshop, fees will be refunded in full.