Transform your story to evolve with powerful heartfelt feminine radiance

Calling inspired women ready to embrace support and expand into your magnificent radiant feminine power

You’re bright, capable, know in the very essence of your Being that you are here to make a difference. You’ve helped others yet somewhere inside of you lives in inner critic quick to question your worth. For so long you’ve been listening to it, waking in the wee hours stressed out, setting yourself higher goals perhaps worried your missing something. 

And you are… stepping into your magnificence with a loving heart. This critic has you trapped behind an inner glass barrier and an old story so familiar you probably hardly see it. 

In your heart of hearts you know it’s time to transform this. Many of the ways you know to feel your worth come from within this glass barrier unaware of how to break through. They can give temporary relief yet somehow you find yourself feeling back where you started. 

It’s time to evolve through this inner glass barrier and transform your inner story? To :

  • become your best supporter
  • step into the most self-loving version of yourself 
  • explore powerful transformative potentials within that are waiting to grow
  • realize your deepest heartfelt desires
  • create powerful containers of support
  • release yourself from stories that were never yours but you’ve lived every day

This has been my inner story. A story filled with shame I was too embarrassed to admit to. As a clinical psychologist, then meditation and mind-body-spirit facilitator, I supported many people through thousands of sessions, workshops, and conference presentations.

I watched students evolve with incredible careers, become international presenters, powerful healers, amazing partners, lovingly accepting themselves.

Yet, deep inside in deep recesses I seldom let myself acknowledge, I had niggling doubts about my worth.  I felt the more I gave the better I was. I came to realize almost everyone I connected with had their own version of this story - A collective way of being that disconnected us from our worth. Over many years of pretty intense training and personal exploring, I’ve found a few very powerful (and surprisingly easy) ways of stepping into a new story and beyond the critic.  I’ve shared these techniques with a few of the fabulous women who work with me in small groups. The feedback has consistently been inspiring. So much so that I have chosen to offer these beyond my private mastermind groups for the first time.

Starting Tuesday 7 September, over 7 weekly sessions, you will be guided to transform your inner stories,  embody and amplify your authentic feminine power and discover extraordinary pathways to play to your fullest potential (without having to burn out to get there).  You will be supported within the curated group to open your heart, release old hurts and barriers and step into the powerful feminine power that is inherently yours to assist you to evolve into who you came to be.

Spaces are limited and will fill quickly.   Apply for a free discovery session to see if this suits you.

Investment: $495 (this is a one-off opportunity - my workshops are usually twice this). Super early-bird offer of $395 is available to the first 5 people to sign up.

Dates: Tuesday 7 September for 7 weeks

Time: 7.00 to 9.00 pm (designed to give you time to replenish after work and/or attend to family so you can be really present to yourself in the group).