Deepening into your Empowered Self Workshops Online Friday 26 November to Wednesday 1 December

Are you ready to uplevel transformational change within yourself, family, friends, or clients? To integrate meditation, brainwaves, and quantum energy work in your everyday life? Have you ever asked yourself what it is all about?

Are you working (or interested) in the health or wellness field and would like to learn energy and meditative methods to enhance your work with yourself and others? Have you wanted to find a quick, effective, and very profound way to clear blocks?

ThetaHealing(TM) is a wonderful spiritual meditative technique that gently yet profoundly brings positive changes on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels to enable people to be all that they can be.

ThetaHealing (and the Theta brain wave) is widely used around the world to enable deep transformation, spontaneous remissions, and transformations in many aspects of life, including illness, relationship issues, emotional wellbeing, and business.

Being able to integrate these learnings with embodied flow yoga is a potent combination.  Joss and Sarsha first taught this combination 8 years ago and still have people contacting them saying how powerful it was for them. You have the opportunity to learn, experience, and practice the techniques alongside yoga flow processes and techniques. 

You have an opportunity to learn the ThetaHealing technique in Queenstown. In six days you'll come away having completed two workshops. These give you a fantastic toolkit of ThetaHealing techniques to use with yourself or friends and clients, helping you on your journey to be all you can be.

On completion of the 3-day Basic workshop (part 1) you will have the tools to be able to: Connect to the energy of Infinite Love using the Theta brainwave; Facilitate a Body Scan, Reading and Healing; Use Belief work to find and change limiting beliefs held on Core, History, Soul and Genetic Levels; Use Feeling work to instill positive feelings; Energetically activate the DNA; Connect to deep support; Recognise and Separate Intuitive Energies; energetically clear excess Radiation; Manifest Abundance; Facilitate Group Healings and much more.

The Advanced workshop (part 2) takes you deep into the foundations of who you are, the levels you operate at and helps you deeply connect into the world around you.  You explore the network of old social, genetic and cultural beliefs that have shaped your identity and, in part, created the existence you live today.

On completion you will have the tools to transform old genetic and history level beliefs and transform them with Love;  connect with all Planes of Existence; release fears, resentments, rejections, and regrets; enhance your manifesting power and advanced techniques such as sending Love to a baby in the womb. 

Included with your workshops: Your Practitioner Manual; Your "Theta Healing" textbooks by Vianna Stibal; Certificate of Completion; light morning and afternoon teas.

Pre-requisite: A belief in a higher Creative Force or Universal Energy is essential. You need to have completed the Basic (part 1) to be able to attend the Advanced (part 2).

Workshop timing: 

Starting 9 am on Friday 26 November to 4 pm Wednesday 1 December 2021.

The Basic (part 1) is Friday 26 to Sunday 28 November from 9 am to 5 pm.

The Advanced is Monday 29 November to Wednesday 1 December from 9 am to 5 pm.

Venue: Online in the comfort of your own home.

Comments from previous participants:

“ThetaHealing is one way you can clear limiting beliefs and help yourself to see the truth of your being. In Joss’s class not only will you learn this but also with fun, joy, experience, and knowledge. Highly recommended”   Lisa L

“Amazing, informative, powerful. I could do it again, and again…”   Wendy R

”Amazing, well beyond what I imagined it would be”   Jo C

“Joss’s enthusiasm and love for what she does is a wonderful motivator to face a course that equips you with the tools to truly change your life”   Donna S

“Joss Tennent is a very connected, informative, interactive, gentle, supportive, and encouraging healer/teacher. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from her”   Anahera B

Your instructors:

Joss Tennent is passionate about helping people step into their authentic selves and in the process create a life more powerful and amazing than they ever thought possible.  She initially trained and worked as a Clinical Psychologist and subsequently with the ThetaHealing meditative techniques. She has both her Master's and her Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing. She has taught many ThetaHealing workshops to a variety of people over the past twelve years.  Joss has taught mediation and stress management techniques for over 30 years ago along with numerous workshops to a variety of health and wellbeing professionals.  She is passionate about understanding our mind-body-spirit connection, recently has been teaching heart-based techniques alongside ThetaHealing. She is currently studying Feminine Power facilitation and leadership and enjoys exploring the transformation of both masculine and feminine relationship roles.  She lives in New Plymouth with her family.  She loves singing, tramping and recently rekindled her passion for cycle touring.

Sarsha Hope is supporting this workshop with embodied flow yoga.  She is a deeply practiced, experienced facilitator and teacher of movement therapies.   She has explored embodied movement and dance for over 30 years and has been actively teaching both nationally and internationally for 18 years.   As a wellness expert Sarsha is deeply passionate about creating balance and harmony for body, mind, heart, and soul.   She encourages people to lean into all these different aspects of self with compassion, openness, and laughter in a grounded, empathetic way.   As well as being the founder of Hope Wellness,  Queenstown and New Plymouth Ecstatic Dance she has been a Lululemon ambassador and runs embodiment, belief systems, and the power of free movement to transform and create a deeper sense of wholeness.

Your investment:  

The 6-day workshop package is $1390. However as an online course this has been reduced to $1120.

If you wish to only attend one of the workshops, your investment is $720 per workshop.  

To support take advantage of the offer to attend both workshops and become certified to use these techniques, packages to attend both are available. 

If a student needs to withdraw from a workshop before the workshop start, they will be refunded the amount they paid less a $150 administration fee. Students are asked to give as much notice as possible if they need to withdraw from a workshop. Once started, there will be no refunds given to students who decide to withdraw.  If the workshop needs to be canceled or postponed due to Covid, fees will be refunded in full.

As a practitioner class, it is expected that you will honour and respect your classmates privacy and confidentiality.