Evolving Yoga - Empowering you to create life changing breakthroughs for your students

Are you ready to take your teaching to the next level to create transformational, life changing breakthroughs for you and your students?

As a yoga teacher you understand how powerful yoga is.  Would you like to know how to use transformational techniques in a safe way to bring about powerful change in your classes without burning out?

Can you work with the quantum field in a class setting in a way that your clients understand, enhances their respect for you and has them wanting to come back for more?

Are you ready to add to your professional tool kit and develop an integrative transformational yoga coaching strand to your business?  Do you worry about what might happen if you do?

We've been there!  We get that.  We've learned ways to overcome the fear of what people think, how to introduce quantum concepts in a way that has our students yearning for more.  After coming close to burnout, we've found ways to set up a room and clear our energy so we leave class more energised than when we started.  At the end of the week we have more energy for ourselves and our families.  And we'd love to share the way we do this with you.  

You will have noticed changes in society as more people recognise the connection between us all.  More people are asking for assistance with this.  Quite possibly your students are asking too.

Why Evolving Yoga? 

It started when one of Sarsha's students started private yoga sessions with Sarsha and at the same time Integrative Transformational Coaching with Joss.  Up to this point she had been attending yoga classes for a long time with no change to her movement blocks.  Within a very quick time of private sessions the client experienced incredibly quick changes:  trauma released more quickly, her postures improved and she felt more peaceful, happier and lighter. 

Sarsha and Joss became curious about the power of combining Yoga and Integrative Transformational Coaching.  Since then they have devised and refined practical steps to bring about similar transformation to their other classes. From the perspective that if we all cooperate and share our wisdom we can all rise together, they would love to see similar transformations available to any yoga student who is seeking.

They have developed a 3 - day training to share powerful transformation practices to bring into your class or one on one settings:

  • fast and effective tools to connect with and deepen your understanding of working with the field in a class setting; 
  • quick and effective practices to protect yourself and clear energy after teaching so you no longer need leave feeling tired or drained
  • ways to set a safe container for your classes to enable your students to safely explore and want to return for more.

This workshop will benefit yoga and movement teachers and any person who holds space for others.  Who is inspired to deepen their understanding of integrative transformational techniques and find more expression, heart centred listening and deep truth within their lives.

What will you get with your 3-day investment?

How to: 

  • set up a powerful field in the room to help create transformation and release in your class
  • clear emotional and stuck energy with ease
  • download your class theme into the field so it is received with ease
  • quickly and easily connect with source energy and become your clearest channel
  • energetically protect yourself as a facilitator
  • read the energy of the room to create the greatest change in a class
  • help students open to more easeful ways of being with themselves
  • support your students to listen to their bodies and understand the messages within
  • offer heart based techniques to help your students expand with confidence
  • quickly release class energy from yourself and bring a new level of self care to your teaching
  • help clients move through energetic blocks with greater ease helping to guide them into a greater potential of themselves
  • begin to create a one on one integrative yoga practice

When and where is Evolving Yoga

Evolving Yoga will be held from Friday 22 to Sunday 24 May, 2020.

The venue is: 1 Burgess Hill, New Plymouth

What is my investment?

Your investment is: $450.

Early bird quick investors:  To honour you for your commitment to invest in yourself and your students, the first 5 people to enrol receive an early committer discount and pay only $395 (closes 15 March).  The second 5 people to enrol receive a discount and pay only $415 (closes 12 April).

What is included:  Morning and afternoon snacks;  tea and coffee;   training manual and certificate of attendance. 

Spaces are limited and will sell out, so please make sure you book early to avoid disappointment.

Where can I stay?

There is accomodation at One Burgess Hill that can be booked separately from as little as $75 shared room per night.  

See One Burgess Hill for details.

Who are Sarsha and Joss?

Sarsha Hope is a deeply practiced, experienced facilitator and teacher of movement therapies.   She has explored embodied movement and dance for over 30 years and has been actively teaching both nationally and internationally for 18 years.   As a wellness expert Sarsha is deeply passionate about creating balance and harmony for body, mind, heart and soul.   She encourages people to lean in to all these different aspects of self with compassion, openness and laughter in a grounded, empathetic way.   As well as being the founder of Hope Wellness,  Queenstown and New Plymouth Ecstatic Dance she has been a Lululemon ambassador, and runs embodiment, belief systems and the power of free movement to transform and create a deeper sense of wholeness.

Joss Tennent is passionate about helping people step into their authentic selves and in the process create a life more powerful and amazing than they ever thought possible.  She initially trained as a clinical psychologist and subsequently with meditative spiritual techniques.  She started teaching meditation and stress management techniques over 30 years ago and has taught numerous workshops to a variety of health and wellbeing professionals.  She is passionate about understanding our mind-body-spirt connection and recently has been teaching heart based techniques.  She lives in New Plymouth with her family.  She loves singing and recently rekindled her passion for cycle touring.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that sometimes things happen beyond your control.  We stand by Evolving Yoga.  If you need to cancel we would love to discuss how to support you to be able to attend.  However if you to cancel up to 2 weeks before the workshop we will refund your investment.   If you need to cancel within two weeks of the start of the workshop, we will refund 50% of your investment.  There can be no refunds once the workshop has started.