Mastermind Practice Session Tuesday 1 September

This mastermind practice session is for you if you have attended a workshop and wish to further develop your yourself, your use of the skills and techniques and make a difference to our planet with Unconditional Love. 

The session is for 2 hours, from 9.30 - 11.30 am Tuesday 12 May 2020 New Zealand Time. 

These sessions are held monthly for people who have trained with a the ThetaHealing technique. 

The session is based on kindness, curiosity, compassion, Unconditional Love, Courage, support, honesty and self responsibility.  Parts of the session may be recorded and shared with you to enhance your experience, on the understanding of confidentiality and therefore no sharing beyond those attending the Mastermind Session. 

There are various levels of investment for you with this session. If your circumstances have been affected by the lock down and you are unable to contribute to this financially, there is a free option for you to register with.


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